Wrecked Magazine Issue 27 Is Out Now [READ THIS]

Issue 27 of Wrecked Magazine brings Michael Essa back to our cover to interview him after his first ever Formula Drift victory. Jacob Leveton writes a guest editorial on the state of the 2013 rookies and then Danny George gets put In Focus. Wrecked Lifestyle puts a focus on what our staff has deemed “track essentials” with items from Electric Visual, ReplayXD, and Otterbox. The big finale is our amazing trip to Japan for Drift Matsuri including a write up on how cheap you can participate converted already into American dollars. Our Mustang RTR gets a huge drivetrain overhaul with help from Tremec and ACT Clutch.

Read the issue: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/issues/issue27/issue27.html


  1. WhosDannyGeorge says:

    Thanks for the rad pics!!!!

    I dug the matsuri missle breakdown. Something i’ve been curious about. Def on the to-do list.

    Good job!

  2. John says:

    You you did a feature on that fraud of a driver Danny George? Did he pay you off with some of the money that everyone gave him for begging and acting poor?

  3. WhosDannyGeorge says:

    All money has been donated to qualifying and possible top16 appearances John. Things that people want to see.

    As always give legit backup to your story and I’ll be more then happy to clarify any fraudulent actions on my behalf. Give me some feedback. Your statement was vague and empty.

  4. WhosDannyGeorge says:

    You might be super frustrated when next year rolls around and we attempt awesome for a 2nd season. This will be a better put together package with better value.

  5. John says:

    It might be true that you are using all the donations to go to Formula D events while all the other privateers are working hard making thier own money. The other privateers aren’t making videos begging for money while you drive a brand new truck or talk about getting a corvette when they are 18 like you did in an interview. You are nothing but a rich guy that begged for money and tricked people, like myself, into giving it to you. According to my Vegas peeps you just get money from your pops and don’t even work.

    On top of that you sucked it up this year and are known as a spinner to other drivers. What are you going to attempt to do next year? Not spin? Maybe not lie to people? Or maybe you should go back to pro am and learn to drive.

  6. John says:

    Who’s Danny George? A bitch ass fraud that played on people’s kindness, laughing all the way to the bank.

    No response Danny? Cuz I am tellin the truth.