Otto Graven’s Ultimate 86 Gets Small Update

Posted on Jun 26, 2013 In Formula D Otto Graven

Otto Graven’s Utlimate 86 is still over at World Racing getting prepped for the (what we imagine) 2014 Formula Drift season at this point. The build looks like it is coming along quite well with a large Garrett Turbo and an even larger widebody kit. Follow the link to the DTA Posse blog for even more updates.

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  1. Mike Peters says:

    Otto Graven is almost as bad as Tony Angelo

  2. Mike Peters says:

    Otto Graven hasn’t been drifting for 15 years.

  3. Mike Peters says:

    Otto Graven has his own money too. Apples to Oranges.

  4. SamuraiSam says:

    Estimated time of completion: SEMA 2015

  5. Dalton is my real name says:

    cool turbo bracket on the removable bash bar. is that so when you hit something the turbo and/or piping can get damaged too?

  6. Mike Peters says:

    That bracket otto hold up.

  7. Qcguy says:

    In Germany, highways are otto-banned…

  8. Cody says:

    Mounting a turbo to something that is designed to be easily replaceable because it takes a lot of direct damage. Logic.

  9. Mike says:

    Its mounted there for mock up so u can build the manifolds and piping

  10. Mike says:

    you otto know dat

  11. WhosDannyGeorge says:

    You otto send me your updated shipping address cuz your savedg pack came back cuz they thought you were otto business or something

  12. Mike Peters says:

    Notto lotto progress on this car.

  13. billdo says:

    he OTTO pay his bills and maybe the car will get worked on!