Tony Angelo Edition Enkei RPF1 for your Scion FR-S

Posted on Jun 19, 2013 In Buy This Formula D Scion Tony Angelo

The Tony Angelo edition RPF1 comes in black with perfect Scion FR-S and Subaru BR-Z. The wheel size and color are available exclusively at Turn 14 distribution. Each wheel comes with a florescent yellow die cut Enkei sticker that replicates the RPF1’s Tony uses on his Formula D car,a personalized thank you letter from Tony Angelo as well as a special signage on the wheel box that denotes sizing, offset, model and Tony Angelo’s signature!

Specs: 18×9.5 /38mm Offset/ 5×100 Bolt Pattern
Part #: 379-895-8038BK
MSRP: $405


  1. Melyssa Grace's mom says:

    I bet the special edition decal says something like “warning can’t qualify in formula D with these wheels”

  2. Jeff Kurtz says:

    I don’t get it there black rpf1’s can’t you get black rpf1’s everywhere. What makes them a signature edition

  3. Mike Peters says:

    Im so jealous that I will make derogatory comments about Tony

  4. Ren says:

    rpf1’s have never been less cool than they are at this moment

  5. powahh says:

    It also might come with a sticker that says – I’m a shit driver, but friends with the judges

  6. BlackWheelBro says:

    Wasn’t Angelo the guy who wanted to outlaw black wheels?

  7. Mike Peters says:

    This will be the most popular thread ev4rzzz for Mike Peters and Mike Peters, as well as mike peters to post in. Donna Peters may make an appearance as well.

    For real though, isn’t this the same guy that tried to ban black wheels, now trying to sell them?

    There are controversial drivers because they’re good, like Dale Earnhardt, then there are people who are only hot topics of E-Conversation because everyone is baffled how the hell they are still on a pit crew, much less in the drivers seat. Tony is the latter, blown away anyone would try to brand him. Come a long way from totalling out Falken’s rental cars and worshipping the SR20, then the FC, then Rod Millen’s used car, then the Rotary, then the 2jz, then…well whoever is dumb enough to think he’s going somewhere. Weather Channel says the wind may rise above 5mph in some parts of the US today, wonder what Tony will swear by tomorrow.

  8. bro says:

    In Tony’s defense, I’m sure a lot of what he says is positive marketing for his sponsors. Maybe not the most efficient way to prevent e-haters, but alas, he is still doing his part for his partners.

    Anyhoo, cool idea… bad color.

  9. lex says:

    the fact that they are not concave nor do they have any more of a lip makes this a total waste of time. im going to powder coat my TE’s black and stake claim.

  10. Matthew Clarke says:

    couldn’t i just buy normal rpf1s that are black or make them black, why would i want Tony Angelo‚Äôs edition? Does a portion of the money go to a charity of some sort? not trying to hate but i don’t see the point of this edition.

  11. Mike Peters says:

    all of tony angelos program goes to a charity. helping drivers with no skill be pro since 2004, the tony angleo foundation. by tony angelo, for tony angelo.

  12. Dike Peters says:

    hm.. i prefer judge tony over drifting sorta kinda pro am level tony.