15 Things I Learned About Forza 5 at the E3 Party Last Night

Posted on Jun 12, 2013 In Video Games Xbox

So last night I attended an event in downtown Los Angeles to play Forza Motorsport 5 and get my hands on the Xbox One for the very first time. The first thing I must say is I love love love the new design of the Xbox controller. It just fits better in the hand, has force feedback now in the top triggers (the top triggers RT/LT are way wider and now as curved as well) and just has a much friendlier overall design. The controller redesign is going to prove to be a stroke of genius.

The big announcement was that Indy Car was coming to Forza 5 (snoozer) and some cool historic Formula 1 cars which I think it pure awesome. Sadly, nothing was announced on the drifting front but the whole Falken Team was present at the party, Justin Pawlak’s Ford Mustang was on display, and in the gift bags when you left I got a model Justin Pawlak Ford Mustang. Hopefully we can take this as a hint that some Formula Drift love or official builds will come into play like years past with the RMR Genesis and Top Secret S15 Silvia.


Now here are the details and things I have learned about Forza 5 so far:
1. Vinyl/Layers cannot be imported into Forza 5 (new engine/system
2. Every car in the game will be available for Autovista Mode (now Forza Vista)
3. All paint changes, wheel modifications, etc.. will be present when looking at your car in Forza Vista Mode
4. New reworked AI that learns how you drive and finds/improves opponents for races
5. A cinematic movie score is present in the game.
6. No weather or night racing in Forza 5 (thanks to MotorWorldHype.com)
7. Paint is now layered. Clear coat and items are separate in the engine allowing very authentic look to cars.
8. Single player can be played not online
9. No dirt/rally racing like in Forza Horizon. With new engine in Xbox One different tarmacs will feel different. I drove a street course in Prague with terrain changes you could feel like transferring to a bridge.
10. Thrustmaster wheel to replace Fanatec as official wheel (rumor posted by Motorworldhype.com)
11. During daytime gameplay the dashboard has reflections on the windshield within the in cockpit race mode
12. This game will run at 1080p resolution at 60 frames a second.
13. Regular DLC packs are staying in Forza 5
14. Right trigger provides force feedback under shifting adding a feel to the car. Under braking the left trigger vibrates progressively more
15. No current agreement with Porsche

I attended my first drift event at Road Atlanta in 2005 while shooting for Import Racer Magazine (RIP). Since then I have produced drift content for PAS Magazine, Modified Magazine, Drifting Magazine (RIP), and many more publications. I was the producer of the movie Slide America and then helped found this website in 2007.


  1. Ace says:

    All real world tracks will be laser scanned

    first console game to do it

  2. Tyler says:

    Sucks that Forza isn’t coming to the PS4.

  3. Tyler says:

    Think I’ll be alright with Gran Turismo 6 this generation though.

  4. Lifer says:

    FUCK MICROSOFT. They are screwing over so many fans. Fanatec lost the bid to be the “Official wheel” for Forza 5 so either Fanatec will not be supported, or the firmware update to work on XBOX1 will be shit and not behave well at all. All the people who made the leap to buy a Fanatec wheel for Forza 4 and Forza Horizon are ALL FUCKED. The launch of the XBOX ONE will be the worst system launch in numbers and sales in the history of the company.
    I really feel bad for Turn10 to be stuck with XBOX ONE. Imagine the potential they could have as a PS4 or PC developer had they left Microsoft.

  5. mike says:

    well….this is one game i was looking forward to but also refusing to buy the console to run it. dissapointed to say the least.

  6. mike says:

    in the meantime, lets wait till 2020 for official gt6 lol

  7. Sidekick says:

    Luckily I have a t500rs, nice that it’ll finally be able to be used – If they let it be used. Feel bad for the Fanatec users though – I’m sure Microsoft realise but they definitely don’t care about the fact people have bought wheels that retail at the same price as their own console – this makes a big difference in which console to choose!

    Saying that, this is the only positive (to me) that would make me contemplate buying an xbox one. As has been mirrored above, MS are really fucking everyone over and it’s gunna take a lot of PR backtracking to change my mind. The game itself still doesn’t seem like 2 years of development; where is the rain, where is the night racing, where is the other racing surfaces? I’d like to see a track list, so far over the last few games it’s barely changed, definitely not enough new content and I don’t see much here other than it being on a new engine with different graphics. Not enough, sorry – especially when combined with all the other moronic policies of the new console.

  8. Mike Peters says:

    I don’t think five kids pissed off because they can’t afford another steering wheel is going to create a blip on Microsoft or Turn 10’s radar of care.

  9. nobama says:

    lol mike peters you’re right. their radar of care is focused on sony and how bad xbox sales are gonna be. microsoft might as well throw in the towel.

  10. Gray Bush says:

    You arse turds crying about your dumb video games. Go outside and get some air, excercise and perhaps talk to a female in person. Peters, you’re an eternal nothing.

  11. Markus says:

    I don’t get how there is still no night racing and weather. Even PGR had that.
    Also, I made a thread on the Forza Forums quite some time ago asking people if they use Kinect & Autovista and over 60% said no. Why do T10 still put so much emphasis on it?

    It if was just the game, i might have gotten it, but since it’ll only be available on XBox One and GT6 will work on my PS3 and get a new physics engine, i think it might be time to move on.

  12. Steffan Maus says:

    Forza 4 is awesome. Someone sell us some damn forza 4 race tracks like all of japans drift tracks, australia drift tracks, uk drift tracks. The online play in user-created lobbies is a ton of fun. I WILL NOT BUY A NEW CONSOLE TO PLAY FORZA 5. Forza 4 is the only game I seem to be playing when i get a chance to turn the console on.

    Why hasnt anyone made a drift only game since that old D1GP Playstation game? Why do developers keep making traditional racing games when most people playing Forza want to drift? Map packs all day on COD. Do the same with drift cars, drift tracks, and cross manufactruer engine swaps. Drift Gamers will happily pay.

  13. Alvar says:

    @steffan, because the drifting community isn’t the biggest community out there and there wouldn’t be much profit in marketing solely to drifters.

  14. myevo8u says:

    Look at all the little but hurt Sony fanboys crying like babies. MS will sell millions of Xbox One and all of you who think they won’t are morons!

  15. myevo8u says:

    Oh yeah and the moron named nobama, you are an ignorant republiscum with no brains. Republiscums need to throw in the towel because all of you are crazy and hate filled pigs that will never win another election because of the crazy nut jobs in your party!

  16. rancid says:

    It’s funny reading all this now that the console is out and the game has been played… One thing you are all forgetting is the fact that there will allways be gamers and guess what? They will allways play what is new. Ok no night racing ok no rain big fricken deal you won’t post a top time in rain anyways. As for Xboxone sales ha guess you ate those words huh. I hope you don’t buy the console we don’t want you in our community anyways ntm your under average driver in all the forza games lol

  17. rancid says:

    O I forgot to say if you wasted your money on a wheel that’s your own fault… The reason why fanitec didn’t get the bid is because they weren’t willing to redisign for the new console, they would have to start from the basics and rebuild to suit the new tech… That’s not ms fault… Not to mention none of the top leaderboard times are done with a wheel they are done with a controller

  18. kolgrin says:

    I read the sony comments against THE BEAST XBOXONE. The only ones I hear crying are those who cant play Forza 5. Yal know xbox sold millions of consoles, stop hating. If you wanna just have a gaming console get you a ps4, if you want that and more get you a Xbox one.