Vaughn Gittin Jr. On Car Camera Against Daigo Saito [VIDEO]

Here is the contact from a Vaughn Gittin Jr. POV between Daigo Saito and him during Formula Drift Palm Beach. It is really insane to just see the smoke that Lexus SC430 puts out when you are trying to follow behind him. Formula Drift has moved into the contact sport category in 2013 with all of these insane tandem battles during into maximum destruction. What do you think of this battle after viewing this POV view?



  1. Mike Peters says:

    I can’t wait to see all you negative-nancy’s with your vaginal knots posting here on this.

    You #whined, and JR #aintcare.


  2. Mike Peters says:


  3. petite pounder says:

    JR: whoops. i hit his door. better not hit him again. *KIDDING* LETS HIT GAS MOAR AND PLAY BUMPER CARS INSTEAD.

    dumb. FD better penalize Mike Peters for being a twat and JR for being a dickbag.

  4. Cody says:

    That was clearly Daigo’s fault. He’s on the wrong side of the car.

  5. SidewayzsJZA80 says:

    Clearly never lifted…I wouldn’t want to go tandem with Gitten JR. maybe a sub series called missle FD could be started…

  6. Allen Metz says:

    The idea is to drum up more money.

    The more people watch and talk about it, the more money they get from commercial and advertisement.

    Now you know where you stand.
    You are just End-User. !

    Unless you have a large size of investment in FD business, your opinion means nothing.

  7. Its a motorsport crashes happen. Stop crying people. JR admitted to his mistake give the guy a break.

  8. Wing Zero says:

    Hahaha!! This is funny!!! XD

  9. Slider S15 says:

    Damn he really piled into that A-Pillar!!!

    Glad Saito was OK after that, was a brutal hit just inches from him

  10. Donald says:

    Peters, no one cares whst you think you washed up hosebag. Stop being a troll

  11. Yah! says:

    Mike Peters need to stop sucking that FD nuts. Just shut up fanboy. Let him do whatever he wants, if Ryan Jim want to loose fans.

  12. Yah! says:

    Ding ding ding!! Allen you correct!!
    F*ck this. Let the battle royale begin!!

  13. Kenny says:

    I do not think this is funny. It is reckless.

  14. wah wah waaaaah. says:

    I can understand the keep drifting and getting points and let the judges decide who made the error mentality. It goes to show how competitive JR is, but at the same time lets not turn this into a destruction derby. JR ain’t care cause he got that blue oval and green stripes paying for everything.

  15. Kids Heart says:

    4 contacts

  16. lex says:

    lmao, all the footage gets cut off before he hits the wall. that was possibly the most funny part about it.

  17. Boomhower says:

    Jr really lacks car control and the mental cognizance to beat Daigo. Someday Mike Peter’s fantasy will come true and him and jr will be hammered drunk in the trailer park talkin cars, guns and sister lovin.

  18. Isaac says:

    I think watching JR battle anyone is fun. He goes all out every run. All or nothing baby! Last year when Denofa attempted to plow through Daigo, nobody called foul there. Is the difference that JR seems to have a better budget this year and Denofa was a privateer? I don’t understand the double standard, but I do know that this event was entertaining.

    Looking forward to NJ

  19. Mike Peters says:

    Lets see who he decided to destroy in nj

  20. Tyler says:

    Yeah, no one called foul on DMac cutting way short on purpose and his intentional mistake caused him to plow straight into Saito.

    This stuff is like pop culture to the drift girls, they’re just gonna whine about it because it’s the new fad.

  21. mendozi says:

    I like how “cool” he tries to act about everything. Like if he’s supposed to be Mr fucking cool for “never lifting” even when fucking up someone’s car.

  22. Yah! says:

    He’s gonna destroy ur @$$ peters. Ur dream come true, no??

  23. Yah! says:

    Ppl did u idiots. People cried about denofa and dmac, but that doesn’t mean that u can just hit and plow thru the other competition. Thats Un-sportsman like conduct. JR seems like he’s just doing whatever he likes. Daigo clearly stopped cause he got hit by JR and Im sure JR saw daigo come to a stop after second contact. Why did he still have to keep going and almost rip the door off while at it?? That’s just being ignorant. Looks like dude thinks he’s the king of FD.

  24. TaBeast91 says:

    Just shows how much of an asshole JR AKA Monster Jam is. “Hey guys, wanna see what I saw as I drove through half of Daigo’s car with no care in the fucking world?”

    @Tyler: You’re literally a reatrd. DMac didnt smash into Daigo on purpose seeing as he hit the brakes. Pretty much the same as Gravedigger over here, blinded by smoke, stayed pinned and took a more inside line so he could see, and went into the side of him. But unlike Maximum Destruction, Darren would’ve LET OFF the throttle had they still been on track.

  25. mikeyee says:

    biggest gripe about vaugn nailing daigo was him keeping on the throttle after the initial hit, intentionally damaging daigo’s car. I think this is why a lot of people have hard feelings against vaugn. pretty poor sportsmanship imo.

  26. bigmac says:

    its drifting shit happens if this did not involve jr or daigo no one would give two shits but because it involves not one but two of the biggest drivers in fd everybody goes nuts. get over it its in the past nothing can be done now.

  27. Slider S15 says:

    My biggest gripe with it is that he kept on the power and hit him several times! (smashing off Daigo’s drivers door in the process)

    As for Denofa last year, He was a Rookie we expected some mistakes, we don’t expect this kind of thing from a former champion week after week!

  28. Brian says:

    Love how it’s a bunch of drifter wannabes going nuts all over this stuff. I’d love to hear what the actual drivers in the series think… oh wait we’re not cause they’re probably all sitting back saying sick runs guy! Sorry bout that bro… always next time dude and laughing at all of us for making such a big deal out of this shit.

  29. Steve B. says:

    why did daigo lift off the gas?
    it made me remember this scene from days of thunder “0:08 – 0:26”

  30. The Judge says:

    Why didnt Daigo continue? and why is no one asking this question?

  31. Mike Peters says:

    Daigo didn’t continue because he wasn’t’ driving an American car.

    JR brought the Tsunami to him.

  32. Jenson says:

    It broke the rear suspension on Daigo’s car. VGJ has always messed up at put up or shut up time, nothing new. Love the response video though…if he does wreck essa at NJ though that’ll be ironic.

  33. Kenny says:

    What is wrong with this Brian guy? He acts like a self-proclaimed expert of drifting. Do you allow us to voice out or opinion or do we have to ask your permission? This is funny. Do not forget to towel JR’s nuts dry after you are done sucking them.

  34. Johnny says:

    Nothing is wrong with Brian. He has opinions just like you Kenny. Shit everyone on here is acting like a self proclaimed expert. Thats whats funny.
    Best part about the internet is you dont have to know anything to be a loudmouth opinionated expert. Yup that means me too.
    I bet everyone will be watching FD New Jersey to see what happens next. FD must be doing something right then. Think about that if youre smart enough to understand what i mean.

  35. rotarypower says:

    @Kenny u have to treat brian like a retarted kid and let him say whatever. cause the stuff that comes out of his mouth is like this every single time. Nothing factual just blabbing

  36. Steve B. says:

    i think everyone is just pissed that daigo didnt win 1st place. dmac hit daigo last month and didnt bitch about it. but since vaughn is still up there in points and is a threat to the over hyped japanese driver, everyone is making a big ass deal.

    oh and Jrod, when you talk about the vegas tuerck bunny hop on the livestream, it wasnt tuerck n yoshioka, it was tuerck and ueo.

  37. Kenny says:

    I get your point John. Of course I will watch the next round. Did I ever mention the opposite at any of my comments? I understand that people exaggerate often, but I do hope that the FD guys can comprehend these negative comments in a constructive way. By this I mean that they have to improve in certain areas which have been mentioned multiple times at this blog during the last days. Our opinions might be grotesque or incomprehensible to guys like Brian, but they can be equally valid without having to be drifter at a professional level.

  38. Kenny says:

    I do not entirely agree, Steve. People are mostly frustrated by the fact that Gittin crashed into competitors multiple times in such a short period. This fact gives the probably wrong impression that his strategy is ‘Win or wreck them”. Without a doubt, he seems to be a very competitive driver and that’s a good thing. The bad thing is that he could not accept the fact that he got treed by a 4 cylinder.

  39. Johnny says:

    Tough to say if fan points of view can be valid which includes mine too. Only experts I’ve seen on wrecked giving input are Ryan Sage and Vaughn Gitten. The rest of us are armchair quarterbacks. Opinions are only opinions, facts are only facts if you have all the information and I bet no one on here does. Comments saying Vaugh didn’t lift need to turn there speakers up and listen like i did. If other drivers from FD start commenting on wrecked saying Vaughn is a menace then maybe. But I’ll believe the FD drivers and Ryan Sage before a bunch of guys at home watching driftstream who drive a 240 in a parking lot once a month. If that. This shit reminds me of that stupid housewives show on tv. A bunch of drama about nothing.
    Next event it’ll be something else for everyone to talk about. The show goes on. FD is in the entertainment business and everyone on here is watching and talking about it. Isn’t that the point? Monkey see monkey do. All you guys bitching are part of the FD hype whether you know it or not.

  40. Kenny says:

    I like to read the opinions of experts, but I am capable of judging whether they are entirely valid or not by myself. I cannot accept the opinion of every expert without processing it first. One expert might suggest me to jump of a cliff because it is exciting. Will I do it? Never. There are some cultivated people among us that are able comprehend what is going on in drifting. Rest assured, there is no chance other FD drivers will give their input with regard to Gittin in this blog. There is no point in doing that. You are missing something buddy. Fans are the driving force of FD. Without fans, it will go back to grassroot events.

  41. invisible says:

    Vaughn will be on Moto IQ Radio tonight

    Here is your chance to talk to him yourself rather then crying on here.

  42. mike.s says:

    Im still confused as to why diago didnt stay on throttle..
    his rear suspension is smashed on the second hit from vaughn NOT the first hit

  43. Yah! says:

    Mike Peters = fanboy aka Vaughn’s #1 lover aka on JRs nuts aka ignorant dirtbag aka FD pet

  44. Yah! says:

    Why is everybody asking why did daigo let off?? Don’t anyone watch D1 here?? If u watch D1 any kind of contact u get a zero. The drivers there sometimes just call it and do not continue drifting. That goes for both the sides. When JR hit daigo it was a pretty good hit. It wasn’t no little love tap. So daigo just stopped since they were right there by the finish line anyways. JR just decided to keep going, almost taking daigos door with while doing so. There isn’t lot of friendly sportsmanship between the drivers here in FD then in D1. The drivers there are all friend with each other. In any case they go up to each other to said sorry for hitting or congratulate each other on their runs. Here the top guys are so cocky and competitive it’s sad.

  45. Jason Creston says:

    So you think you were watching D1? This is FD. No one gives a shit about D1 rules in the USA. D1 ain’t here and we don’t watch it and D1 rules don’t apply. Daigo shouldn’t have stopped after the first hit.

  46. Kids Heart says:

    If this were D1GP Daigo would hop out his car pull JR from the Mustang and playfully slap him upside the helmet while the audience and judges laugh about it.

    Here in ‘Merica we’d just shove and and “get at me bro!” until broken up.

  47. Yah! says:

    @jason I never said I was watching D1 u honkey. I don’t care this is USA. Does mean shit dude. U just another fanboy like Mike Peters ha?? Lol

    @kids ok red neck fanboy. Whatever you say man haha

  48. Mike Peters says:

    Yah!, Please stop hurting my feelings. There is not a measurement to display the detrimental pain caused by some guy on Wrecked with an anonymous screename saying hurtful things through a keyboard. Please stop, it is too much. Every morning I wake up, eat my Wheaties that I’ve taped a picture of JR onto. I’ve replaced milk with Monster so I can taste Ken Block and JR at the same time in my mouth. I drive by the Ford Dealership and dream of owning the same exact Mustang every yuppie just-out-of-college kid goes $30k in debt to buy, I buy a Monster Energy drink and proceed to drink it out of a saucer, so I can see the green color. Sometimes, I take off my pants while doing this, but only after I remove my DC shoes. . I bleed Ford Blue and buy every Drift Alliance shirt sticker and DVD. One day I’ll be able to interact with the opposite sex if I get enough likes on Instagram. I cannot accomplish the goals I’ve set with your attacks on the internet, please stop, you’re hurting my feelings so bad. I’ve applied to ziptied, please vouch for me. I want to earn your approval on the internet and not actually socialize with humans. Please follow me on Instagram and like my #selfies. Also check out my Kickstarter page, because I want to be something that no legit company sees any value in.

    You people dumb. JR has marketed himself well, stayed out of trouble off the track unlike most of the little brats running the series, and will actually be in a good spot when he is 40 years old. He’ll still be marketable enough where big companies can use him, and he’s the probably the only OG FD driver from the States that you can really say that about with no other motorsports background. If you can’t appreciate that, then you’re probably someone who reads InfoWars and supports the Occupy crap. JR doesn’t call the events, the judges do, but we have a zillion angry people over a judges call, and they’re mad at the driver? It’s impossible for any intelligent human NOT to make fun of how stupid that is.

    This Brian guy is probably spot-on, there are many other things to talk about, but the internet is on fire with car to car contact in a motorsport where cars touching each other is the #1 priority. Lawl.

    Buying Dale Earnhardt apparel off Gunbroker is more exciting than reading some of the excrement you folks post here, lol.