Vaughn Gittin Jr. Guest Blogs About the Fredric Aasbo Battle

Photo Credit: Larry Chen

Here is what happened from my perspective. It obviously was an Insane situation for both Fredric and myself. From inside the car here is what I saw and feel happened.

I initiated along with Fredric, then all of a sudden the rear of his car was coming back towards me rather than maintaining the angle we both initially tossed out. I tried to adjust to not hit him and that adjustment pulled me out of drift because my wheels were counter steered when the car gripped up we made contact. Once contact was made and I jumped his hood the car landed with some momentum. I then kicked the clutch and stayed in it completing the course.

From the video it is clear Fredric “double initiated” and in that split second you can see of the video of his car straightening back up before he really flicks it out.When I say the “rear of his car was coming back at me” that is when that happened.

Its not that I was not expecting him to initiate early at all. You can clearly see I followed his lead when he initiated. Aasbo is not hard to sync with because how he clearly does a big weight transfer prior to initiation.

After the run Frederic and I laughed and talked about it on grid. He admitted his misjudged the course and went in too slow and entered a bit early and apologized to me.

I completely understand the challenge that was ahead of him leading first as the grip was very inconsistent given the on and off rain. 3 options would have happened given the scenario and no way to test the track due to FD rules. It could have been to slick and he could have landed in the kitty litter or he could have guessed perfect OR what happened could have happened (coming up short). He chose the safest smartest route and the significant grip the track still had caught him out and then me because I was doing my job which is to follow the lead car. Bottom line is that he misjudged the grip levels out there and led us in too slow and initiated to early, which is why he had to toss it twice to get it in drift. I did everything I could to avoid contact initially which actually backfired a bit as everyone has seen. When the contact passed and the car was still moving I stayed in it and completed the course.

I did not break his car like everyone assumes and in fact nothing happened that I am aware of (besides some panel damage) and his toe alignment which he fixed. Mine was out about 1 inch but we chose to not fix it and save our 5 minute ruling. He blew his 3rd gear on his chase run and that is why he got a 0 on the second half of it putting us into a one more time battle which I clearly won.

I have huge respect for Fredric and his team. They could have taken the easy way out and just said they couldn’t fix the car, but instead they wanted to battle it out.

I am pretty surprised that we both were able to hold it together and complete the course. I am also impressed that Fredric and I didn’t even seem to miss a beat and continued the battle! Just goes to show the commitment we both have out there!


  1. SRpower says:

    All the fanboys shut up real quick!

  2. TaBeast91 says:

    What he said here is exactly what I knew and have been saying happened. People are just so thick. Respect to Vaughn for coming out and clearing it up.

  3. Allah says:

    You’re overrated homie. Always have been.

  4. As morbid as it sounds, it actually made us all smile. Definitely a Grave Digger vs. Carolina Crusher moment! Perfect warmup for the first Gatebil event, which is in ten days. See you all very soon!

  5. rotarypower says:

    Lol fanboys are screaming jr should had been dq. Judges made the right call (for once hehe) just suxs he lost thrid gear. Good luck to the rest of the rounds trying to top the madness


  6. Mendozi says:

    Whats up with all of JR’s fanbois calling everyone else a fan boy?

    Running someone over is not equal to a straightening. Plus, Fred was never off course therefore that “pass” was illegal. I guess it being a “unique” situation explains it well enough.

  7. Tuckin rim Vaughn, beast mode!!

  8. cody says:

    I want to see the on car footage!

  9. jacob salomon says:

    mendozi, jr got a zero on his follow and aasbo got a zero on his follow, hence the one more time…whats hard to understand about that? aasbos follow run he basically drove the last two turns…thats clearly a zero home boy

  10. Listenclose says:

    It was obvious that Aasbo suffered damage to the TC which caused him to straighten out multiple times during the second run. I don’t blame JR for the result because the rules where followed but I think that if a driver causes a serious contact like that it should be a DQ not a zero. That’s that same rule that screwed Chelsea Denofa in Jersey last season.

  11. Mendozi says:


    I just dont see how running over someone is considered just a Zero, when 20 people on their 1st qualifying run got Zeros for small bobbles and silly mistakes. Seems like a Zero can cover pretty much anything from one extreme to the other.

  12. Jiovani says:

    But ^^ Denofa didn’t cause the hit either, he was “collected” into it. The arguement that Tyler’s car “would have been ok to continue” was the claim.

    I understand the unique and randomness this situation involved, with all the rain and such. Judges made the right call, as a chase driver he over estimated the lead speed from Aasbo, who was a little squirrley, but seemed to make it to the entry (though really slowly moving). That was nothing compared to Moen’s attempt the round before!!

    If Aasbo’s trans didn’t break he would’ve most likely had the win before a OMT was needed. The run they hit, Aasbo did fine after this hit, showing that his car was not functionally damaged at that point.

    I think this is the first time RoadA has seen rain at FD, correct?

  13. Jiovani says:

    Mendozi – if Aasbo had suffered real damage from the hit then I agree, JR could have been DQ’d for it. but seeing that the issue his car did suffer, doesnt seem to be directly related, then its just coincidence.

    Now what rules are in place for a hit causing damage that “luckily” the team can repair/has spares for? I think if your hit causes a break, you should be DQ’ed if the other driver was not making an error. If you can fix it, then great, and your in the next round. If not, sucks, but you still advance on- but have to forfeit the next battle.

    Gets tricky because BLAME must be established as well. If the judges felt that Aasbo was the one in less/no control, then we would have to penalize him for nearly wrecking JR right?

  14. Ryan Sage says:

    The rule book is very clear on situations of contact between drivers. This situation played out exactly as the rule book stated. Aasbo’s team had as much time as they needed to fix the vehicle since it was not deemed inoperable and since the fault was deemed to Vaughn. This was established by the judges and was the foundation for how we move forward in that situation. If however Aasbo’s car would have been totally destroyed, he would have won the round.

    We have extensive competition rules that have been built on the past tens years of craziness. We have accounted for many things in the rule book, so it is probably good reading for anyone that wants to understand how/why things work. If you don’t know have a copy, you can email me. or here:

  15. SRpower says:

    Any reason you guys don’t have the rulebook public?

  16. Mike Peters says:

    Since they won’t say it I’ll put a Mike Peters and be blunt

    The rulebook isn’t public because all you internet retards don’t know how to read, don’t know how to build cars, and don’t really truly know what the rulebook says even if you have it, and its annoying as can be having the FD office/officials being bothered with stupid questions all day, or asked why things are the way they are.

    NASCAR, F1, no legitimate sanctioning body has a full rulebook with public access, because the general public isn’t intelligent enough to deserve a copy of the rulebook.

  17. mofo says:

    Your adjustment pulled you out of drift, really ?. It was pretty embarrassing to watch one of FD’s top drivers make such an amateur mistake and I think the least you could do is admit you messed up instead of blaming it on Aasbo ‘ double initiating ‘ and taking you guys into the turn too slow.He made it to the corner, there’s no reason you couldn’t have.
    You dropped the e brake, car got grip and straightened up, no big deal. It was a stupid mistake, plenty of guys had issues in the unpredictable conditions . Save us the story .

  18. Kids Heart says:

    I’m with mofo on this. JR is starting to sound like 2012 JTP.

  19. mendozi says:

    The guy is just too Badass to stop after he fucked someone else’s car up. He just said “fuck you” and kept going..

  20. rotarypower says:

    @Mofo.u hit it right on the head totally agree but it doesn’t supride me this isnt the first time he’s blamed someone for his mistake


  21. Dave says:

    All I read is JR complaining and fully blaming Aasbo. When in Reality JR smashed in to Aasbo, the job of the follower is to follow.

  22. Kevin says:

    JR clearly messed up following and misjudged Aasbo, so why are you trying to put the blame on Aasbo for going slower? Track conditions were unknown and you plowed into his car. If anyone needs to apologize is JR.


  23. I guess it depends on what kind of drifting you like. I know there’s only two or three people on the planet that agree with me but if you enter a turn that slow because of misjudgement, you deserve to get run over. Part of me thinks this is why Aasbo wasn’t too pissed about the whole thing. Hed did what he was supposed to, don’t go full tilt since you only have one chance at a lead run. I think he babied it to the point of excessivness considering his ability. I don’t fully excuse Vaughn but I completely understand why this whole scenario happened. I also agree with Ryan, if Aasbo could continue, both get zeros and game on. It’s a shitty situation but that’s what you get in a judged sport (the way it should be).

  24. fanboy says:

    This tool is the only FD driver that time and time again hits people from behind, then blames it on them. This is the same guy that was boasting about putting a POS ford logo in anyones door who stalls in front of him. He can blame the lead driver all he wants, but when you’re following you’re expected to do just that…not try and lead from the rear. If he was such a “badass” then he would not continually take himself out. I’m just shocked he didn’t blame lil Pat last year when he spun at Irwindale on the transition. Either way, this guy drives like a moron and only has appeal to the Mike Peters’ of the world.

  25. Applesauce says:

    All I hear is how its Jr’s fault and how he smashed into him. Get your heads out of your asses. If JR is good because he pushes hard start to finish, then why are you surprised that he rammed someone going way slower than their previous entries? Aasbo confessed to being cautious and therefore entered slower. Yes Jr should have anticipated this and this is why the impact was his fault, but its not all his fault.