Formula D Atlanta – Vaughn Gittin Jr vs Fredric Aasbo run [VIDEO]

Posted on May 13, 2013 In Formula D Fredric Aasbo Vaughn Gittin Jr. Wrecks

For the second consecutive event, Fredric Aasbo was at the center of the most talked about run of the weekend, this time for a different reason. After a brief sprinkle, Aasbo initiated earlier and perhaps using a different method than Vaughn Gittin Jr expected, and JR ended up driving over the top of the hood of Aasbo’s Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC. During Aasbo’s follow run, Aasbo spun out, which led to a 1-more time, in which JR was able to secure the win and move on, eventually ending up on the podium.

This video was randomly found on Youtube, and there seems to be quite a bit of discussion on the outcome.

Jacob Leveton

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  1. Mike Peters says:

    Freedy Aasbo was holding up Freedom.

    Can’t stop freedom.

  2. Vaughn says:

    Wrecked like many you have an uneducated assumption of what actually happened here so I figured I would just explain it before opinions start flying in.

    Here is what happened from my perspective.

    It obviously was an Insane situation for Both me and Fredric.

    From inside the car here is what I saw and feel happened in this post below.

  3. Isaac says:

    That was awesome!

  4. lifer says:

    We were watching this online. It was obvious a mistake was made and sometimes shit happens in drifting. NO one really is to blame. It was a crazy tangle of cars though! Made for some funny memes. Keep moving forward JR. 5 more rounds to go. Obviously Aasbo and you are past it. Best of luck to both of you on the Championship hunt!

  5. Nelson Ayra says:

    Wrecked just got put on blast by Jr lol

  6. Wrecked Magazine Staff says:


    It appears Vaughn did call us out. I abridged his comment because after speaking with Vaughn he gave me the green light to just make his reply a whole blog post so it can be easier found. It is now live on the site here which includes his full reply.

  7. Mike Peters says:

    Not even Barack Obama can stop Freedom.

  8. AnthonyMcqueen87 says:

    Its Okay Vaughn shit happens in the sport some people just assume too much to something they clearly don’t know nothing about. Anyways keep it up champ win another World Championship for the United states. Keep moving forward Vaughn.

  9. Mike Penith says:

    No prob jr. We’ve all gotten used to your lack of car control and professionalism. Remember spinning at Irwindale, crashing at Long Beach…etc etc. stay average homie!!!

  10. you have no friends says:

    @Mike Penith – If Vaughn is average… what does that make you? Stay un-relavent homie! This is probably the most attention you will ever get with this response to your dumbass comment!

  11. Mike Peters says:

    Don’t hurt Tony Angelo’s feelings like that ‘youhavenofriends’

  12. Isaac says:

    LOL! Can’t stop freedom!!