Jeremy Lowe Shows off Preview of his Mazda Rx-7 for 2013 Formula Drift

Jeremy Lowe is making his 2013 Formula Drift season debut at Round 2 Road Atlanta next weekend with some all new parts slapped onto his Mazda Rx-7. With the help of some key sponsors including Enjuku Racing, Smashed Tees, BC Racing and Turbo By Garrett he plans to step his driving up to a new level for 2013. Here is a quick interview with J Lowe to see how he is prepared for the 2013 season.

Edgar:Doing anything new with your program this season in FD?
Jeremy Lowe: The biggest change is the new partnership with SMASHED this season. They’re an awesome new company that has been great to work with, and they share the same love for drifting that all the little guy privateers like myself do.  Also, Turbo by Garrett hooked us up with an awesome new turbo that makes the car more responsive and a little easier to drive. On top of that, Enjuku has been a huge help, and giving us more support than ever. I cannot say enough about how much I love those guys!”

Edgar: How do you feel about the new judging system and what’s something we can look forward to in your program this season?
J Lowe: “I kinda like the new qualifying system, but I haven’t driven in it yet so I don’t know if I should say anything. But I like the idea of being able to lock yourself in the top 16 with your first run.”

Edgar: What track are you looking forward to the most?
J Lowe: “I think right now I’m looking forward to Texas the most because it’s a new track, and making it fresh for everyone kind of levels the playing field for the teams and drivers. Last year was a lot of going to a track for the first time and competing against guys that have driven there the past 5-10 years.

Edgar Sarmiento

Founder at Drift Indy
I have been running and organizing drift events since late 2005, originally with Drift Indy and then helped developed Midwest Drift Union in late 2009. I work with several groups east of the Mississippi promoting fun fast and safe American drifting.


  1. Wing Zero says:

    Yay! J. Lowe is coming back for Atlanta!! Can’t wait to him and his new and improved FC run at the ATL!! Got a feeling he should do really well!

  2. E. Scott says:

    Awesome graphics by StickemUpGraphics.

  3. s14s14s14 says:

    graphics suck. But at least the car and driver are awesome.