Tony Angelo’s 2013 Formula Drift Scion FR-S First Look

The guys over at Hoonigan Industries put up this shoot of Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S all ready for the 2013 Formula Drift season. Here are a few photos of how the car came out overall. A splash of camo, red bumper, and carbon trunk all tie together his 2013 livery. Tony retired the Scion Racing tC after 2012 and brings out the FR-S with a ton of new partners including Air Force, Turn 14 Distribution, R/T Tuning, and Turbo by Garrett. Here is how the car looks overall.

More Photos Can Be Found Here:


  1. lifer says:

    WAAAAYY better looking this year.

  2. Chuck Norris says:

    am i the only who thinks this is the best looking FRS on the FD grid

  3. Mendozi says:

    WTF is wrong with you people. This looks like shit. Absolutely no flow.

  4. thatoneguy says:

    sorry mendozi, your wrong on this one. if you had any clue about tony angelo and his style, you would know why this works

  5. Chad says:

    Yeah pretty sure this is the only car in FD I like right now.

  6. FLFaiL says:

    Nope, looks like shit.

    Holy huge front tire Fatman!

  7. Matthew Clarke says:

    Tuerck and Gushi’s FRS look better.

  8. make up user name says:

    Tony is probably hyping his own car up with different user names lol and im sure it will see a wall in a couple of days

  9. Kids Heart says:

    Chillax guys. The bumper won’t be on for long.

  10. Taylor says:

    Way better looking? He drove a TC that’s not saying much.

    This car looks ok, front bumper is ruining it though.