Party with the Drift Alliance this Wednesday in Long Beach

If you ever dreamed of partying with the Drift Alliance this Wednesday night is your chance at The Pike in Long Beach. The date is this Wed. on April 10th from 7pm until you pass out. All four DA stars will have their Formula Drift competition cars on site at The Pike as well giving you an early up close and personal look before Round 1! This will be one night to remember we can almost guarantee it!



  1. Mike Peters says:

    Since Tony’s going I’ll be there.

  2. Donna Peters, Texan Native says:

    No, you’re grounded for wearing my clothes.

  3. Mike Peters says:

    ^ Please Mom, I can apply my herpes cream without your help.

  4. Donna Peters, Texan Native says:

    If Tony breaks your heart again DON’T COME CRYING BACK HOME. Raise your standards to someone that can break top 32, SON.