Darren McNamara with his Zenki Front Nissan 240sx [SNEAK PREVIEW]

A Falken suspension engineer Mike Kojima (also of MotoIQ fame) posted them working on Darren McNamara’s S14 Nissan 240sx which we haven’t laid eyes on yet until today. The car looks like it is carrying a flat teal/blue look for 2013 with white wheels. Talking to someone from Falken this week the car should give Darren McNamara all theĀ opportunitiesĀ to do wel for this year. Everything from the S15 Siliva he drove last year was scraped and this is a completely fresh build from the ground up. How do you think Darren will do in 2013?


  1. Wing Zero says:

    Should do well. But still wish he continued in the S15. I mean he looked pretty solid with it. Only thing it seemed it was lacking was some additional power which I’m sure they could have easily solved in the off season.

    And they probably could have saved money, time, and resorces in the process.

  2. Eddie says:

    He has to win or go home this year no excuses

  3. Twitch says:

    He def needs a turbo engine or a smaller chassis to be competitive.

  4. Brovan666 says:

    Those rims look good

  5. dorifag says:

    It made 700HP on the dyno last night.

  6. dorifag says:


  7. rotarypower says:

    lets go bullet !!!

  8. Brian says:

    I really hope this works for him. What happened to him last year was not fair at all, he almost won the championship in 2011!

  9. mike. says:

    kinda surprised he didn’t go back to the sky! one of the fastest cars on the grid. really thought he coulda given daigo a run for his money if he hadn’t crashed.

  10. What exactly happened to the S15?

  11. Scaifey86 says:

    @mike, the sky is long dead and was beyond fixing

  12. Crook says:

    The s15’s chassis was bent to fucking hell and back again. But then again, that kinda happens when you buy a drift car that’s been used competitively in Japan for a good 6 years… Putting a v8 in it wouldn’t make a difference(although they only realised that now) the car is/was past its due by date. It was falling apart when James drove it that one year when he came in and did damage in it.

  13. Brian says:

    The people who are doing Dmac’s car are the same ones that did Dai’s car? I hope they don’t put that air cleaner popping out of the hood like on Dai’s 13.

  14. Mike Peters says:

    The flat paint looks kind of cool, but I don’t know why these companies want to represent their product with a car that costs $1500. Privateer people I can understand, but not the big teams.

  15. CBENZGO says:

    The S14 chassis is one of the best out of the box. Have it built by the shop that has won a championship in an S-Chassis, and is continually in contention to win another, and you a have a simple recipe for success. Dollar for dollar, it is probably the best chassis to go to for a new build. Especially compared to a Saturn Sky.

    Darren is hugely talented, if he drives smart (read: avoids k-rails), he is going to humiliate people throughout the year. Look for him to podium at Long Beach.

  16. mendozi says:

    I hope dmac does good this year. Good under rated driver.