Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 2014 Ford Mustang RTR for New Formula Drift Season

Posted on Mar 26, 2013 In Formula D Major Announcements Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. has released his 2014 Ford Mustang RTR for the 2013 Formula Drift season. He has also unveiled a RTR Drift team and his 2013 Global schedule. More information is available after the images!


We knew Vaughn switched over to Nitto Tire during this off season but he also brought out some new exciting 2014 sponsorships in addition to his new tire company. Vaughn Gittin has brought in Whiteline Swaybars along with Magnaflow exhaust to be his 2013 Formula Drift partners. He also has one insane 2013 schedule including military base demos! Check out where you can find VGJ in 2013:

April 13th- Formula Drift Round 1
April 21st- Fabulous Fords (Buena Park, California)
May 3rd- Walter Reed Center/Pentagon (Washington DC)
May 4th- Formula Drift Round 2
May 12th- Fort Gordon Military Base *Tentative (Atlanta, GA)
May 18th- World Drift Series Round 1 (Tianjin, China)
June 1st- Formula Drift Round 3
June 8th- All Ford Nationals (Carlisle, PA)
June 15th- Hyperfest (Summit Point, WV)
June 22nd- Formula Drift Round 4
July 20th- Formula Drift Round 5
July 21st- Fort Louis Military Base *Tentative (Seattle, WA)
September 15th- Fort Hood Military Base *Tentative (Dallas, TX)
October 1st- World Drift Series Round 2 (Yinchuan, China)
October 12th- Formula Drift Round 7
October 19th- World Drift Series Round 3 (Hangzhou, China)
November 4th- SEMA Show (Las Vegas, NV)
November 23rd- World Drift Series Round 4 (Guangzhou, China)
December 31st- Tentative European Events TBA (Europe)


  1. petite pounder says:

    the design seems a bit cluttered to me. theres a distinctive lack of focus on the sponsors, and the Monster logo on the door kinda just blends in with all the rest of the random patterns on the car.

    i liked the primer grey better from last year, easier on the eyes.

  2. someguy says:

    I think its dope! Cant wait to see this thing on the livestream in long beach!

  3. Brian says:

    I want to like this but something seems off. It might be the fact that we’re so used to seeing the falken stripes on the rear quarter of the car or that none of his title sponsors have any real trademark design to go with their logos.

  4. Swept says:

    was it a mistype, or is VGJ not going to be at FD round 6?

  5. Mike Peters says:

    Probably a misprint since he’ll be at a military base a day after the event 2 hours away.

    love love love the American flag incorporation.

  6. Dang says:

    Livery looks a little… hectic. Also no more HRE sponsorship?

  7. Crook says:


  8. Mike Peters says:

    I think the’s running the RTR Wheels which I think are the HREP40’s

  9. gsxr750 says:

    Wat too much stuff going in there. looks like it was thrown together.

  10. Matthew Clarke says:

    Like the car. on a side note it looks like hes lost a bit of weight.

  11. Alvar says:

    I noticed that too…him and the car. With the new livery it looks more compact for some reason. Well as compact as a stang can be. I wonder if the car went on a diet

  12. mark yi says:

    Loved his previous designs, but this one is just a little too cluttered, needs to have taken a step back and as someone else said, all these lines and stripes reduce the effectiveness of his main sponsor Monster

  13. Slider S15 says:

    I’m not loving it, but its definitely better than last years Livery….

  14. Richard Cranium says:

    Do not like. It’s choppy and as others have said it really takes away from the sponsor logos.

  15. I really like this. Incorporating the American flag with the most American car (Ford Mustang) on the drift grid is a perfect match.
    For those who are confusseled, the livery is based on the US WWII naval camoflauge. Lots of confusing and what pretty well is random placed triangular shapes in alternating shades. I wouldn’t have known unless he released a teaser pic of a US ship wearing the naval camo on his bookface.

  16. Brovan666 says:

    Have you people seen what cars in D1 look like? Those cars look freakin cluttered…this looks pretty tame

  17. Johnny says:

    Formula D is getting too big money and too nascar and lost its roots and diversity.
    No wait, the cars need to look more corporate for their sponsors.
    Make up your mind people.
    If the sponsors are happy and it prob had to be approved then give him credit for not having another boring car in FD. Some of you are sounding like cubicle jockey wannabes.

  18. Brian says:

    I think the car looks like it’s been on a diet cause it’s lower, the RTR’s front bumper has a lip and I don’t know what tire he’s running bit it looks less aggressive. With all that the car just looks lower, longer and sleeker. It kinda has the same look has his demo car.

  19. Richard Cranium says:

    still running that Exedy Clutches sticker? car hasn’t run an Exedy in 3 years

  20. Mike peters says:

    This guy should just do demos. He’s a good hype man but not consistent.

  21. Vaughn says:

    Thank you all for the feedback as always! I am pumped for Long Beach, see you all there!

    @richardcranium- Love the ignorance as always! Here’s to your “not running an Exedy clutch” comment.

    Enjoy the weekend!


  22. Richard Cranium says:

    @ Vaughn so do you deny that for the past few years you have not run an Exedy clutch?

  23. mili says:

    i love you mostang