2013 Formula Drift Official Drivers List for Streets of Long Beach

Here is the official list of drivers who are paid and ready to head out for Streets of Long Beach. You will notice an absense of Rhys Millen but an addition of an open wheel racing star. Please remember that the * denotes anyone who is eligible for rookie of the year in 2013.
Saito, Daigo
Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
Pawlak, Justin
Tuerck, Ryan
Aasbo, Fredric
Yoshihara, Daijiro
Gushi, Ken
Grunewald, Conrad
Powers, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Essa, Mike
Nishida, Robbie
McQuarrie, Tyler
Yoshioka, Toshiki
Bakchis, Odi
Denofa, Chelsea
Wilkerson, Walker
Moen, Kenneth
Field, Matt
Kado, Ryan
Mohan, Kyle
Angelo, Tony
Maeng, Joon
McNamara, Darren
Mordaunt, Patrick
Aono, Taka
Mertzanis, Dennis
Ovcharik, Miroslav
Castro, Jhonnattan
George, Danny
Lee, Alex
Ward, Chris
Goodin, Patrick
Briggs, Dave
Hosford, Corey
Jones, Jeff
Cano Estrella, Carlos
Mendoza Jr., Enrique
Stone, Gabe
Thomas, Nick
Bostrom, Jason*
Graven, Otto
Hamilton, Nate*
Hateley, Andy
Hildebrand, J.R.*
Jacobs, Julian*
Jeanneret, Chris*
Kretschmer, Eugene*
Landerville, Marc*
Moore, Victor
Osaki, Karl*
Pakula, Luke*
Parsons, Will*
Primozich, Rob*
Steele, Josh*
Wang, Forrest
Wicknick, Brandon*
Kearney, Dean
Keezer, Kory*
Rydquist, Carl
Pollard, Mike


  1. Louren says:

    JR Hildebrand? What did I miss? What’s he driving?

  2. bro says:

    the Hildebrand rumors were true!

  3. SamuraiSam says:

    14 rookies! It will be interesting to see if this top-down qualifying stuff helps these guys or not

  4. Mike Peters says:

    No Rhys Millen 🙁

  5. Mike peter's grandma says:

    no Rhys Millen??!!

  6. Jeremy says:

    No me 🙁

  7. Jayson says:

    Be on the watch for Brandon Wicknick. Utah resident who is going to kill it this year. Good luck Brandon.

  8. Alfredo says:

    No Jeremy Lowe!! ??!! what happened?

  9. petite pounder says:

    lots of new cars and lots of rookies. LBC will always be known for its crashes and i bet this year will be no different. Sad to see Rhys is not there. Also wondering why J. Lowe wont be there.

  10. Sean says:

    Jeremy Lowe didn’t have 25,000 laying around. He didnt make a youtube video and say the fans donated the money he already had either. Lol. I think Enjuku is paying for Goodin but not Lowe. That or Goodin’s family is rich. Chris Ward, what the fuck? How do failures like Goodin/Ward make it and not J. Lowe? How do they still have a license? FD needs more FC’s with J. Lowes and George M’s, and less drivers with zero potential. Sophomore class fail.

  11. 151motorsports says:

    At least rookie of the year looks a whole lot better this year.. Also no nick dellesio ?

  12. Ant says:

    No Kyle Pollard?

  13. jabroni says:

    yea no kyle pollard no j lowe….sad face……and why isnt mike pollard listed as a rookie

  14. Thatkid says:

    Best shit up about goodins family. Don’t know shit about him.

    You got 25k laying around…..oh no well your one poor ass mother fucker

  15. Pat Goodin says:

    Sean Love is so mad at me.

  16. SteveO says:

    Hey news flash homies, it’s not solely your driving that gets you sponsors, mostly it’s your presence and your ability to market and make these people who are paying you money to receive a return on their investment.

  17. Drift fan says:

    No luke lonberger either

  18. sam says:


  19. lifer says:

    Tech inspection is going to be very interesting this year with all the new equipment introduced during last season. Kevin has a very good eye for catching even the smallest clue of illegal modding trickery. Lets see who will make the cut without trying to do some shady illegal mods.

  20. petite pounder says:

    @sean, “Jeremy Lowe didn’t have 25,000 laying around. He didnt make a youtube video and say the fans donated the money he already had either”. thats is a serious accusation. Substantiate your claim with facts.

  21. Danny George says:

    Maybe some East coast guys don’t see the value in spending all that money to drive west for 1 event and will join in Atlanta to continue the season?

    I don’t even know Sean above so I’m sure he knows the full details to my program! Maybe he heard it from someone else, who also has no clue about it. Pretty big accusations. Thanks for the mention!

    See everyone in LB!

  22. Mike Pollard says:

    I feel special… Daigo was a rookie but appatently I’m a veteran ;p ( typ0*)

  23. Max says:

    Marc Landreville , i’m behind you bro! Do it as you do in DMCC!! kill the shit!!

  24. Jeremy says:

    SteveO is the new Mike Peters.

  25. Anthony says:

    No Nick Hogan?

  26. SidewayzsJZA80 says:

    Will Ross Petty ever comeback? His S15 was the best looking car in the series!

  27. Dom says:

    is Ross Petty done with drifting?

  28. Geebus says:

    I want to see the return of Pedro Huge.

  29. Fallon says:

    Pedro Hugé needs to make a guest appearance at the bare minimum

  30. cody says:

    Ross Petty lives in Hawaii now.

  31. eric.mendez14 says:

    Does anyone have a POC for Ross Pretty?