Trevor Dowdall Flips his S14 at Just Drift Round 1 @ Balcony

Posted on Mar 23, 2013 In Grassroots Just Drift Wrecks

Something you don’t expect to see everyday is a 240sx on its roof at Willow Springs Balcony track. The driver is Trevor Dowdall from Menifee, California who took his Godspeed sponsored S14 and put it on its roof. We haven’t had a chance to talk with anyone who witnessed the crash happen (just some people at the event) but we imagine he car get this thing back together tonight with some help and persistance. Hopefully someone has video we can see soon!

Source: Instagrams from Lex_King_24 , amdrift , gunmetalr32


  1. Mike Peters says:

    ‘Godspeed suspension car’

    The cause of this accident is pretty clearly stated.

  2. Briggs says:

    Shit.. That sucks! Hope the driver is okay

  3. kingkong says:

    Slowest roll over ever

  4. Trevor Dowdall says:

    Actually its on Megan coilovers…. And none of the Godspeed arms broke..I still went and qualified with this car the next morning and the suspension definantly wasn’t the cause of it rolling

  5. Taylor says:

    ^ If it wasn’t on Megan coilovers and godspeed arms it wouldn’t have rolled over.

  6. Trevor Dowdall says:

    Ha that has nothing to do with it. I was running shallow and I my car went up a hay barrel and that’s what flipped me it was my fault in wouldent blame it on the car hahaha

  7. randy allen says:

    Glad your ok . Are you still competing?