Kenji Takayama Shows Off/Tests Lexus GS350 for D1GP

Posted on Mar 22, 2013 In D1GP International Japanese Major Announcements

We got some shots mailed to us today showing off Kenji Takayama in his new white Lexus GS350 testing at Nikko Circuit. Kenji is running Goodyear tires for the 2013 season and is most famous from his FD Mazda Rx-7 title sponsored by Exedy. How do you think this car will hold up and compete in the 2013 D1 Grand Prix season?


  1. Yukio says:

    I miss Yama-ken! People don’t remember how well he did in the 2007 season. Good guy and a good friend. He’s a huge fan of Toyota Sedans. I look forward to seeing him compete!

  2. Yukio says:

    Wrong person. I though it was Kenji Yamanaka LOL

  3. Blaze1 says:

    This car looks HEAVY! Cool though!

    Side note: Someone needs to bring back Kenji Yamanaka to FD!

  4. Matthew Clarke says:

    Which engine will he be running this season?

  5. Matthew Clarke says:

    i meant to say engine set up** ^

  6. Fadam says:

    He will be running a 650/700hp 2JZ

  7. Mike Peters says:

    All of my people’s last names look the same

    -Yukio Yamanakukayamataira

  8. Brian says:

    Someone needs to build something like this for FD just saying

  9. cody says:

    The front end looks like a later model Saab.

  10. hollywood says:

    looks like some 326 power aero. car looks clean. and always amazed at how factory appearing the japanese are able to build there cars. love it.

  11. Fadam says:

    It’s not 326power aero, it’s Final Konnexion.

  12. Dang says:

    Interesting to see the Final Konnexion aero on a non-VIP oriented GRS190. It looks… interesting. I liked the Vertex aero better tbh.

  13. petite pounder says:

    i wish there were more 4 door sedans in FD. Forsberg needs to whip out that M45 for comp.