Taka Aono Shows off New Look to his AE86 with Megan Racing [SPYSHOTS]

Posted on Mar 21, 2013 In Formula D Spy Shots Taka Aono

Taka Aono has retired that purple/pink AE86 with Megan Racing and has put together a new fresh look for 2013. Taka left Nexen Tire in this off-season and made a jump to Hankook Tire. The program is supported by Garrett Turbo, Battle Version, and some other brands completing his 2013 season sponsorships. What does everyone think of his new AE86 look coming out for the new season?


  1. petite pounder says:

    not bad. although the name “lifeblasters” sounds like what i nicknamed my jizz when it streams onto ur moms face.

  2. Crook says:

    Tell that to Joe Ayala and Justin Shreeve…

  3. ChrisRamirez says:

    Is this doable on Forza 4?

  4. ChrisRamirez says:

    Love the black and white

  5. mike.s says:

    I sure hope this one is more competitive for taka’s sake…

  6. SamuraiSam says:

    almost looks like sharpie art.

    Are those the new FD number plates? They look really small and hard to distinguish on the car, which seems like the opposite of the purpose of the plates

  7. Isaac says:

    This graphic scheme looks promising. Glad to see Taka still going at it with an 86. I wish him the best this year!

  8. Austinpth says:

    Looks so much better. i hated that the only 86 in the FD field the last couple of years looked like ass.

  9. dorifag says:

    There’s a better picture on the Megan Racing Facebook page.

    It looks good.

  10. petite pounder says:

    @crook. Fine. Joe Ayala and Justin Shreeve, your name “lifeblasters” sounds like what i nicknamed my jizz when it streams onto Crook’s moms face.

  11. Slider S15 says:

    I’m gonna say thats a NO on the Forza-able front ChrisRamirez!

    I LOVE the design though, its intricate yet clean at the same time, very hard to do on a livery. Hopeing for good things for Taka this season! 😀