Naoto Suenaga is Building a 1000hp Silvia for 2013 D1GP Season

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 In D1GP International Japanese Team Orange

Naoto Suenga took to Facebook so he could share his new 2013 D1GP build with all his fans. The Team Orange driver is set to run an orange S15 Silvia in D1 with a RB26 engine. They are estimating 1000hp with the car with great partners such as Koyo and Garrett Turbo. What do you think about his swap into this Silvia for the new drift season?


  1. Alvar says:

    Are there even any tracks in D1 that warrant the need for 1000 hp?

  2. ThetaTCI says:

    Suenaga in a S15?
    Isn’t that too normal? lol
    I would expect something more unique

  3. Mike Peters says:

    Imagine if people had more ambition than working at the Wal-Mart distribution center and actually wanted to excel, then they may appreciate 1,000 horsepower for what it is. Cool.

    Instead we’ve got a movement of people content with being the 99%, and some prawns hating on 1000hp.

    Have some ambition, and then maybe you’ll be able to appreciate the pointlessly awesome reason for 1,000 horsepower, which is really no reason at all.

  4. SamuraiSam says:

    Doesn’t daigo make that at like 2200 rpm?

  5. Swept says:

    Suzuka + Fuji off the top of my head have big sweepers.

    It’s not so much a “need” for 1000 hp, it’s just another casualty of the horsepower war.

    HP cap anyone?

  6. rotarypower says:

    Pretty sick nitrous will be present as well i assume

  7. Slider S15 says:

    It’s all part of the arms race that FD is trying to avoid as it evolves (with stuff like the Tire to Weight rule) and Championships like The British Drift Championship will soon have to consider as the car’s evolve to a point where it’s just too expensive to compete.

    D1 hasn’t tried to slow down or limit any aspect of a car’s build and development and so we now have the current situation where you need 1000BHP to be competitive and those at the sharp end are doing fresh builds every 3 or 4 years to keep up. Budget’s out of control!

    FD’s managed to slow the problem but not solve it completely (you can never solve progress) But it’s important for the future of the sport that budgets are kept in some form of control.

  8. Fadam says:

    Lets face it, people are going to carry on building crazy cars like this untill a ruleset like ALMS or similar is brought into place with different groups of cars with a strict ruleset on HP figures and the amount of aero/downforce allowed on a car.

    Another thing not helping the huge HP figures are D1/FD/BDC ect themselfs, with bigger tracks being brought into each series, people are obviously going to pull out bigger HP motors. I mean look at how much some of the Pro Am guys struggle on some of the tracks with 4/500HP motors.

  9. Mike Peters says:


    They’ve got FULL FIELDS. Just because some brokedick wannabe can’t jump in and compete, WHO CARES.

    Can’t run FD, Run Pro/Am or XDC. Nascar has over 100 series. Can’t play in Cup then don’t.

  10. Blaze1 says:

    Now he is running the same setup as his teammate who WON the series last years. Seems like a smart move for budgeting and data sharing.

  11. Mike D says:

    to who ever was posting as Mike Peters, so then by your logic, because i cant go play with the big boys i should just go start my own series? and then try and get it ranked as a fd feeder series?

    or maybe i could not just give a shit, say screw the system, create my own series to compete directly against FD and give Mike Peters a conniption as i don’t think he could handle sitting on both sides of the fence for more than one series.

  12. Mike Peters says:

    That last post is actually Mike Peters.

    If you’re posting here theorizing, you’re probably also some wanna-be brokedick. Good luck with your series you can’t afford to run. I’ll sit behind a computer screen and make fun of it, because its not worth going to sit at the fence and make fun of it. Sup.

  13. Caleb says:

    Who cares about budgets? This is a pro series. I want to see the raddest cars that can be built drift. If you don’t have the money, like Mike Peters says, do pro am shit or drift days

  14. Swept says:

    D1 remedied this (I think) with D1SL, and then the whole Drift Muscle thing. Maybe FD should consider doing this and get rid of the bs excuse for a series that XDC has been lately.

  15. bigmac says:

    in my opinion the 100hp is awesome not even remotely necessary but guess would be that the reason they produce cars with this much power is more of just a publicity thing kind of a look what we can do. also if new fans or people who have not become part of the drifting craze see numbers like 1000hp that will probably create more interest in this form of motor sport. even though it seems like 500-600 is the maximum needed to create lots of smoke and maintain long fast drifts.

  16. bigmac says:

    ment 1000hp in first line not 100hp.

  17. Juber says:


    Thing is though, driftings a stupid sport and that’s why love it, drifting doesn’t make any sense so having cars with crazy HP seems only appropriate. Since when was drifting ever sensible?

    Any argument about whether it’s right or wrong is pointless. It’s entertaining to watch a crazy guy ragging a 1000bhp car sideways whatever the situation.

  18. Ant says:

    1000hp is a bit excessive but its D1. If it’s problematic theres always MSC.

  19. Meanace says:

    Slider S15 and Fadam have hit the nail on the head.
    Unfortunately if the power war and fast track focus of drifting continues, it will kill itself.
    Amateurs used to start drifting stock or barely modded S13’s and AE86’s and competed on small tracks. these cars had 200-300hp and the drivers had to keep their foot in it to complete the drifting section.
    It would be nice to see the challenge of small tracks/low hp cars again

  20. Brian says:

    Are people actually bitching about super rad cars with monster hp? since when has drifting turned into a fucking puss fest? Why build anything or do anything, with some of your attitudes we’d still be racing with horses cause cars are to expensive lol. I have no idea what some of you don’t understand about competing on a PRO level but shit is gunna grow, progress, skill is gunna get better and with that cars and chassis are going to evolve. With big money come cool cars like Mad Mike’s 26b rx-7 or Diago’s 1200hp Toyota or even that dude from BDC with a V-10 viper engine under the hood of his s15. That’s why I love drifting because they still let you build and drive cool insane cars!

  21. wannabdrifter says:

    Are you guys serious?

    Only reason you guys hate on 1000hp is because you feel it ruins your dreams of competing in D1 or in FD with your 90 hp sentra.

    1000hp is rad, Nascar is rad, 90hp sentra not so much.

  22. peter says:

    RB26 are lame! no torque and have to rev to 9500 to make power. Need more displacement.