Tony Angelo Does a Hoonigan Friday Burnout with his Missile [VIDEO]

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 In Formula D Scion Tony Angelo Video

Tony Angelo went to R/T Tuning to hoon around in his Lexus missile for Hoonigan burnout Friday and we just caught wind to this video he released a few weeks earlier. Can anyone really top this burnout thrown down by Tony Angelo? In other Tony news his Scion FR-S is coming along just fine, here is where it stands now below.


  1. Wing Zero says:

    He has a Sick sounding SC300 and its a Missle car!? Why didn’t he make the SC300 his FD car and use something else as a missile??

    The SC300 is a competitive chassis even if it is a little on the heavy side. Robbie showed last year it can still be fast and run with the big dogs. And the JZ motor is a really good motor and has proven itself in multiple series with multiple drivers. And even if the JZ setup didn’t work theres still the UZ (Toyota V8) setup.

    I mean I’m loving the FR-S and the unique engine swap, but with all these people switching to it I “personally” would have chosen the SC300 to stand out.

    Anyway… The FR-S is looking good. Hopefully he’ll have more success then the TC. Not saying I hate the TC but…. well the only two people I’ve seen that rock it well was Tanner Foust and Fredric Aasbo.

    Good luck for 2013.

  2. blaze1 says:

    Not a bad looking FR-S… lower the rear a bit with some proper fitment it will be on the money. Cant wait to see what livery Tony will use!

  3. Mike Peters says:

    Tony Angelo is such a faggot. Just the way he talks is so fucking annoying.

  4. Mike Peters says:

    These fake Mike Peters posts are getting old. They’re about as lame as the videos that surface of tony driving his missile.

  5. SamuraiSam says:

    looks like the drift alliance shenanigans from ’05 are back, only now they’re called ‘hoonigans’. Someone needs to make a “hoonigan alliance’ wreath logo

  6. god says:

    that was easily top 5 dumbest drift related/burnout videos ive seen….i mean…fireworks? cmon….

    wooooooo, another frs….with the same kit as every other one….

    at this point im almost more impressed with a stock bodied one

  7. Mike Peters says:

    Mike Peters doesn’t even know who the real Mike Peters is.

    As Tangelo reads this, he lives in embarrassment from being such an ugly fuck.

  8. Mike Peters, Texan Native says:


    The REAL Hoonigan stuff is top notch.

    This Is just another wanna be video from some always has been, always will be filler material driver.

    He’s running on a fake charity he won’t even openly disclose. How pathetic is that?

  9. Mike Peters says:

    No big deal. I do burnouts in my el camino behind autozone all the time. Where i was salesman of the month 3 times!!!!

  10. Mike Peters says:

    Four times. And I hooked up with chicks in the back of my El Camino all the time as well.

    Sometimes I’d take bigger chicks back there and call it the ‘Swell Camino’. And to be clear, the word “swell” does not represent the time had, but the weight proportion of the chicks in the back.

    Get in the ‘Zone’.