Ryan Tuerck’s 2013 Scion FR-S Render Came to Us via FedEx this AM [SPYSHOTS]

Posted on Mar 11, 2013 In Formula D Ryan Tuerck Scion Spy Shots

A kind an anonymous east coast Wrecked spy sent us this FedEx package with this render of Ryan Tuerck and his 2013 Scion FR-S render and program. The program continues to be on Maxxis Tires and Retaks backpacks running as a title sponsor. Enjuku Racing has stepped up in support of the car along with Garrett Turbo, ACT Clutch, and KW Suspension. Our rumormill post about Ryan Tuerck in 2013 was a little off as we guessed he would be powering the FRS with a Chevrolet LS engine. Instead they are building a 2JZ-GTE engine that will be making over 700whp we have heard from some others. What do you think about the revamped program for Ryan Tuerck in 2013?!


  1. I see and Air Force decal on there! Sweet!

    Also can’t wait to see him ripping a turbo car again in FD!

  2. Twitch says:

    Finally!! More people need to run the jz engine set up!!

  3. Patrick says:

    Everyone is building these now. It’s getting boring.

  4. Slider S15 says:

    SOOOOOO Much better than his last Livery!!!!

    Not sure 2JZ isn’t the cheapest way to go but certainly effective if built right.

    Can’t wait to see the real thing!! (Hopefully with ALOT less camber!)

  5. Biddys says:

    If done correctly the JZ platform can be a very affordable option.

  6. gsxr750 says:


  7. Mike Peters says:

    That will look rad if it has a wing. If no wing, then just semi-rad.

  8. sspnotch says:

    zn6 zc6 the new s chassis! lets go guys! 2013 beyond is going to be the biggest progression days in Formula Drift HISTORY! Can you tell I am excited?

  9. Brovan says:

    700 2jz??? Woooo!!!

  10. Fan says:

    2j FRS!!! YES

  11. sspnotch says:



  12. kOOpA says:

    I love it! And yay 2J!

  13. JMadge21 says:

    This might actually be my favorite FRS design i love how the body kit just flows into the car reminds me of a rocket bunny kit on a 240, cant wait to see more of this car this year!

  14. Bret says:

    Great platform and a bad livery

  15. Jabroni says:

    god i fucking hate frs and brz….oh well ryan rips though!!

  16. SteveO says:

    The enjuku racing sticker just messes up the flow of the design, there could have been better placement.

  17. Brian says:

    This car looks sick! It just looks like it wants to go out and rip and have fun. Can not wait to see this thing and f ya for 2j!

  18. Peter says:

    Can’t wait to see more details on the build! 700hp might be sand bagging

  19. hollywood says:

    700hp is sand bagging. but all i can say is
    welcome back welcome back welcome back !!!!

  20. Steffan Maus says:

    Man that looks incredible. Cant wait to see this machine shred tires like cheese..

  21. Rogue says:

    How can you hate the GT86/FRS/BRZ platform? Seriously what the hell is wrong with you kids? I admit I’m going to miss seeing drivers rip in S13s but it’s hard to stay competitive in that old of a chassis in FD especially with their odd rules on suspension mods.

  22. peter says:

    Camera is out of focus 😉

  23. Local says:

    3.5L/2j+gtx42/Twinscroll+no2=easy 700hp+