Taka Aono – The Flying 86 [VIDEO]

Taka Aono has been sitting in the AE86 coming up to 10 seasons of Formula Drift this year. The Corolla platform has quickly been forgotten by the rest of the Formula Drift field but Taka Aono has stayed true to the AE86 platform over all these seasons. Check out a ton of former Corolla drivers chatting about if the chassis can work in Formula Drift and a preview of an interview between Jonny McDonald and Taka Aono about his Corolla. This looks like an exciting video that we cannot wait to be released.

Watch the video: http://vimeo.com/59455537


  1. Mike Peters says:

    Taka, Gushi, JR, Forsberg, Who else has ran every round? That’d be an interesting stat.

  2. JacobPhoto says:

    There’s only 5 who have run every round:

    Taka, Gushi, JR, Forsberg, and Dai.

    Angelo and Yen have been to every round, although many of them were as a judge.

    Rhys had only missed 1 event as of the end of the 2012 season, although that may change next season.

  3. caocaoism says:

    long live 86 taka aono hater’s gotta hate on the ae86

  4. cody says:

    Wait, didn’t Rhys miss the first round of 08 because the Solstice wasn’t ready and also missed Jersey last year to do Rally Cross or Pike’s Peak (can’t remember exactly) ?

  5. blaze1 says:

    I thought Rhys sat out a event due to his broken back in 08…. the solstice ran at the D1 event prior to long beach.

    The AE86 can still be kind of competitive in a diferent type of judging format, Hibino has won a couple events in his NA and Turbo AE86s. It all depends how the sport is judged, I don’t see it happening in FD anytime soon though. It’s time for Taka to move on IMO.

  6. Danny George says:

    I know how he feels. Sometimes winning isn’t enough To fill the void that comes from leaving something you. Taka IS 86. Keep rocking man!!!

  7. Danny George says:

    Something you Love….

  8. JacobPhoto says:

    Cody – Rhys didn’t make a qualifying pass at FD LB in ’08, but he was at the event. He missed NJ in 2011 due to Rallycross at Pikes Peak raceway. By comparison, Taka had engine problems on Thursday in Atlanta last year and was unable to compete on Friday during qualifying, but was at the event. Some may say neither counts since they didn’t turn a wheel under competition, but I don’t think FD fans are that big of sticklers about the details.

  9. Yo says:

    There’s still hope… just look at Hibino.

  10. Not Hibino says:

    ^ Hibino doesn’t drive an AE86 anymore

  11. bigmac says:

    i love his dedication to the car especially being an 86 owner myself. i think like with any car in fd it is about the money put into a chassis not so much the chassis its self. at least that was true in previous years but with all the regulations that have come into place in recent years it seems to be getting less and less feasible for a corolla to be competitive, but i still don’t think it is impossible.

  12. Mike Peters says:

    Will Parsons is rocking an AE86 this year, with a Johnny Tran Honda 2000 engine.

    He’s got at least 100 grand under that hood.

  13. Ant says:

    He’s dedicated, much respect! I think the car is very much still competitive, as a FD driver I’m sure there is a point in time in their career where they just realize “hey I drift in a bum country with crap judging, its all gravy”…LOL. Swap power plants when necessary but keeping the 86, DOPE, Taka doesn’t need to “move on.” He’s grizz.

  14. Yo says:

    Even if Hibino doesn’t drive an 86 anymore, he killed it. I remember watching HIbino beat Saito on Ebisu in 2011.

  15. Not Hibinos Car says:

    Hibino’s car also had S13 underpinnings on it.

  16. wow says:

    @ Yo

    Ebisu is like one corner, probably the only track he could have beat him on. Daigo’s been dominant the last few years.

  17. Yo says:

    He still killed it with that 86

  18. Latino Hibino says:

    The AE86 is still competitive in most drift series around the world. Also, Hibino’s car had nothing from an S13. It was all Corolla stuff.

  19. hollywood says:

    I love taka from the bottom of my heart, guy is the body and soal of drifting. he eat sleeps and dreams drift. this video is going to be incredible and honestly his quote at the end makes me feel like im watching a trailer for my strange adiction or maybe horders. he believes from the botom of his heart that the ae can win despite physics,

    so i propose a name change for taka to humming bird. doing things despite the laws of physics,