Chelsea DeNofa Returns to 2013 Formula Drift in a E46 BMW

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 In Chelsea DeNofa Formula D Major Announcements

Check out Chelsea DeNofa making his big announcement that he is returning to Formula Drift in his personal E46 BMW that was built just after the Tyler McQuarrie crash last season (seen here if you missed it). Earlier this week we announced that his old team principal the Bergenholtz wouldn’t be returning to Formula Drift in 2013. Here is Denofa back in action with what looks like some prime sponsorship space available on his E46. Below is what he had to say about the return of his BMW!

“…I learned a lot from working with a professional team and enjoyed the arrive and drive program style of Bergenholtz Racing. I respect their decision not to run a program in FD this year and thank them for the experience. I plan to take what I have learned to my team to bring the ruckus in the BMW! That car shreds! Although it’s a lot more work on my end to be the owner, driver, manager, and to handle logistics, it’s the program style I’m used to running and it really completes the package for me personally. I’m extremely confident in my team’s capabilities and look forward to working with several very solid sponsors. I also work with a very talented media team, so keep an eye out for some fun projects from CDM this year! My team and I are ready for the challenge and couldn’t be more psyched to bring back the BMW for my second Formula Drift season.”


  1. Mike Peters says:

    Wow. Chelsea won’t even get far in FD with that thing.

  2. Mike Peters says:

    Jesus tapdancing Christ, I’m really tired of getting texts about posts I didn’t even make. You people claim nobody knows who I am, then let it be that way.

  3. Mike Peters says:

    If I’m such this God Awful person, then why are you people with Sandy cars putting forth such a grand effort to personify me?

    Because I simply don’t have the factual actions to back-up the bs.

  4. Jbone427 says:

    bring back the wing!

  5. JMadge21 says:

    Cant wait to see this thing in LB always been a fan of that body style

  6. Alvar says:

    and that dude is having a convos with himself….

  7. Slider S15 says:

    Boom! DeNofa back in a BMW and more variety in the field are all great things for the sport!

    I have a feeling we will be back to the Pre-McQuarrie-crash Chelsea DeNofa we all fell for at the beginning of the season… 😀

  8. SamuraiSam says:

    Team BMW is looking strong for the Manufacturers championship with Essa and Denofa!

  9. Alvar says:

    People aren’t talking to themselves, people keep posting as me because this site choses to not have a log in feature and you can post as whoever you’d like, and have multiple people posting as the same name.

    Just to prove the point, this is not the same poster as the Alvar above, but now I’m using his name.

  10. Brian says:

    Dude is gunna crush it this year! I loved him in the rx8 but with him back in the bmw, just suits his stayle.

  11. Ant says:

    Still don’t understand how he lost the battle against Tyler….

  12. g-funk says:

    Chelsea gives me a boner! 8===D

  13. bigmac says:

    he should do much better now that he is back in a bmw. the rx8 was crazy but a stupid choice to over complicated.

  14. Slider S15 says:

    ON a side note, All of the Non Stop Tuning and Hankook Logos appear to have been removed from the car.

    New Tire sponsors for 2013?

  15. Alfredo says:

    YEAAAA CHELSEA! Good luck in 2013! looking forward to Long Beach!

  16. Mike D says:

    @bigmac, the rx8 to finish out the season was a great call for Denofa. it gave him more time to refine the e46. i cant blame him but im glad to see him back in his own ride, i think the privateer status makes him push harder and want it more!

  17. that asian dude says:

    Will he still run Nitto this season?

  18. Mike Peters says:

    Fuck Nitto

  19. Isaac says:

    Honestly, grow up.

  20. Wegs says:

    Chelsea and these guys need to make a music video with these shirts for “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James. Now.

  21. Thanks for the support guys! We are making our plans a reality in the next couple weeks, so keep an eye out for information on our partners, cool car stuff, and some more off topic fun off season videos. We are still lurking for a couple partners so feel free to hit us up!

    Thanks again homies!


  22. Mike Peters says:

    Look, another four posts I didn’t make. Must suck to have a life and weekend so lame where you make an effort to post as Mike Peters, that’s just lame.

  23. Mike D says:

    is there any way to get user accounts set up on wrecked, this is starting to get annoying for people who aren’t Mike Peters.

  24. Jbone427 says:

    we neeed wing!