Indy Car Driver J.R. Hildebrand Drifting the GoPro / Mobil 1 Chevrolet Camaro [VIDEO]

Posted on Feb 4, 2013 In Formula D Tyler McQuarrie Video

We have heard some rumors in the past about J.R. Hildebrand from the Indy Racing league showing some interest in coming to kick it in Formula Drift. Most of that talk we heard was generated from the D3 Cadillac video they produced sliding around town in huge horsepower Cadillac cars. Now J.R. Hildebrand has stepped into the GoPro / Mobil 1 Chevrolet Camaro and we can only imagine that Chevrolet wants to invest big into Formula Drift in the upcoming seasons to follow in the footsteps of Ford.


  1. Crook says:

    He doesn’t even look that bad in it at all!

    Would be awesome for the sport if we got drivers like this involved.

  2. Anonymous says:

    was he whistling?

  3. Alvar says:

    Yes, a true pro-driver. Give him three seasons and I bet he wins it big.

  4. zachnthebox says:

    very impressed he could do Formula D with no issues and it would be good for the national guard too to have sponsorship in FD

  5. anonymous says:

    You guys don’t know what you’re looking at. He seems a little bit behind the car, based on his hand movements and where his eyes are. The reason he “looks” good from the outside is because that the car has angle for days and its a wide open lot. He would have to “want” to spin out in order to do so. With that said will he progress quickly? Yes, he is a very talented driver however once walls are involved and he has to chase someone that inexperience will show until he gains the skills.

  6. lifer says:

    Still impressive for a first time go in a pro car. Protential all over this guy, but he is already engrained with a strong car sense, so fast progression is expected. Give him walls, tandem partner, and a minor crash or two then he is good to go for the pros.

  7. Brian says:

    ya dude rocked it first time out but to put the car in certain places and at pace fully wound out, navigating through other drivers smoke, totally different. Be neat to see how he progresses

  8. supjigga says:

    still aint gonna win no events. sorry charlie.

  9. DwreckTheHinga says:

    99% of you play Forza Drifting and think you’re hot shit in your bone stock SOHC S13’s on cut springs. This guy will be no threat. How he even got a FD license it beyond me and is just plain retarded. FD is going down the shitter.