The 1,000hp Scion FRS driven by Otto Graven – 2013 Formula Drift [BUILD THREAD]

The Otto Graven build thread has come to life over at tracking his wild 1,000hp build as received some updates. They even have a sneak preview of the insane widebody going on this car. They have some products being sourced for the build listed at the top of the thread and a look at some of the crazy stuff on the car such as the dry sump system.


Follow the build:


  1. Matthew Clarke says:

    1000hp + FR-S = fun times. Can’t wait and good luck with the build

  2. mike ma says:

    This Otto be interesting…

  3. Mike Peters says:

    Tha’ts a lotto power.

  4. SamuraiSam says:

    Power was never Otto’s problem, car setup was. Hopefully he has someone on his team who knows what they’re doing with the FR-S platform

  5. Jabroni says:

    Formula Drag-racing here we come……bring on the HP wars shits getting old already….bring on the twitchy corrections and shitty driving and straightening with sloppy tandems….YAWN!!!

  6. cody says:

    I’m interested to see what Sponsors, if any, this picks up.

  7. JMadge21 says:

    As insane as this will be there’s no need for that much power in fd all it does is burn through tires faster im gonna be the first one laughing when it hits the wall in long beach

  8. Mike D says:

    i like how in the build he stated that 1000hp isnt necessary at every track an that they are building this car to handle over 1000hp but will tune it to each venue.

    with all this v8 nonsense going on i want to see danny george drop a hartly V8 into his miata

  9. Mike Peters says:

    I think Otto plays Minecraft but in real life.

    Money is notto problem for him from what I hear, and kudos to him for getting himself into that position.

  10. Cai says:

    I heard Rouge Status was his sponsor……..also Lisa Kubo’s husband is building some bits and helping with the motor etc etc. and he was building a proam scion as well that someone at Rouge Status was going to drift……..Can’t wait for this FD season to begin. Hope you don’t do the S.A flag theme across your car man.

  11. D1GTO says:

    Ditch the Quaife trans for a Holinger, the Quaife is more trouble than its worth. Race teams in NZ have been running these trans now for a season with muliple gear failures with only a LS7 powered vehicle let alone a blown V8 making 1000hp.

    New gears had to be made locally to solve the issue.

  12. Crook says:

    Danny george has a V8 in his miata?…

  13. Kids Heart says:

    Yay, another V8.

  14. Brian says:

    I think Mike D was referring to the type of V8.

    But seriously, this Otto turn out hilarious one way or another

  15. Mike D says:

    @brian i was, the hartley V8 is the same motor you see in the V8 Atom, its two bike motors connected together through a custom crank case. it revs to an astounding 10k rpm and they are working on one that goes up to 13k rpm

  16. Slider S15 says:

    1000BHP is gonna be seriously tricky in such a short car i’d have thought.

    Good on him to build something so amazing, if it works it should be devestating!

  17. edward says: