Chelsea DeNofa Delivers Pizza with Team Doorbangers [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 28, 2013 In Chelsea DeNofa Formula D Street Drifting Video

Some off-season hype has been building about the Team Doorbangers / Chelsea DeNofa off-season pizza delivery video has finally arrived. Chelsea failed to deliver his pizza in less than 45 minutes whit his E46 BMW so luckily his backup job as a Formula Drift driver is still in place. The video even has a guest appearance from a pizza t-shirt wearing FC Rx-7 drifting BG who is attempting to steal the pizza from Chelsea in delivery. Sit back and enjoy some great off-season humor.


  1. Wing Zero says:

    Rofl!! Man drifters make some of the most cheesy yet still highly entertaining video’s! Hope they do a part two! XD

  2. Jabroni says:

    ^dope name^ and agreed…..this video was extra cheesey(no pizza pun intended) but still awesome

  3. Slider S15 says:

    AMAZINGLY Cheesy but looks like a good laugh which is what its all about.

    Great little video, would love to see more like this during the off season

  4. Thanks guys! Cheesy was the name of the game for this edit. Haha we never get to show how much fun we have driving at events, this is a way to do so. Keep an eye out for some more bangers. Also, if you guys have any cool ideas let us know on the page!

  5. Mike Peters says:

    Glad to see manji is still done on the highways in Florida, well done, and hilarious video!