Most of XDC staff walks for 2013 season

Posted on Jan 25, 2013 In Grassroots XDC

While 2012 was a great season for XDC including crowning Forrest Wang as champion, the staff for 2013 will be very different. Mike Collins, who stepped in as competition director when Brian Eggert made the jump to judging in Formula D, as well as Chief Steward Tim Johnsrud, Tech Inspector Dan Summers, and judges Matt Petty, Mike Schneider, and John Wagner have announced that they will not be working with XDC for 2013. This decision was made due to the lack of communication coming from XDC on the 2013 as well as personal schedules. Last year, information about the 2012 season wasn’t released until May, so this announcement is coming much earlier.


Jacob Leveton

Freelance Drift Correspondent at JacobPhoto
Jacob Leveton has worked as a freelance journalist for 12 years, specializing in drifting since the first professional competition landed on US shores in 2003. Leveton has worked with more than twenty print and online media outlets to provide unique drifting content.


  1. Jabroni says:

    Well thats shitty hope XDC gets their shit together

  2. racerpage says:

    Check please!

  3. Crook says:

    Shit’s goin’ down

  4. Rappadan says:

    Best news ever. Thank you for the people that MADE the events, not the douche in the background.

  5. J Bob says:

    I remember the media representative didn’t even attend round 1 XDC, and getting any type of permission for shooting was next to impossible until nightfall. Complete media nightmare to do anything decent. Even the Keep Drifting Fun video guys had some issues trying to find good track shots early too.

    The schedule being posted so late last season was inexcusable as a professional venue. Along with no information on their site from the off season-till now, I definitely don’t blame all the good people walking to make better plans with their time this year.

    Hell, if it was not for Hot Import Nights, the pro’s, and everyone else, almost no one would have even known about the series.

  6. driftfever says:

    Considering the previous years accounting problems (screwing the drivers out of winnings for a years + time, not paying venues the rent etc etc.) compounded by last seasons low driver counts across most of the events. I really don’t see why they even bother doing anything again. The exposure was crap for the drivers…. Shit tons of dollars were invested/ wasted from sponsors and its a damn shame the series wasn’t run any better considering the parties and principles involved. We can all prepare say goodby to those sponsors being involved in drifting going forward. When you don’t really give a shit why even try xdc. Your just screwing it up for the rest of us.

  7. SteveO says:

    XDC had potential, but with what as aforementioned above, it’s a shame that it’s gone downhill. They could have really had a good niche in the drifting world as a step in between pro-am and Formula Drift with an amateur competition series with a professional atmosphere.

  8. B rad says:

    All these dudes that walked are staples in the drifting community, In some way I’m happy to see that this happened in other ways its a shame that so many people put their faith in this sanctioned body for it to fail. I hope that if XDC does come back the “drivers” will see how this is bad for business without the right people behind the series.
    I’ve been saying this for years give the above guys mentioned the reigns behind a grassroots series and it will become unstoppable.

  9. gogetem says:

    People! There are like 5 Formula Drift Pro AM Series’ across the Nation putting drivers into FD every year. That is where the grassroots are planted. SWD on the east coast, a couple on the west coast, Vegas Drift and in one in the Midwest. All of those have been diggin for years. Who really needs an XDC. Especially if they aren’t going to do it right. B rad – those staple dudes, as great as they are, all had the opportunity to do it right but obviously didn’t do enough. Maybe if they had done more or cared enough to hold the reigns a bit tighter it would not have run into the ground. It stopped itself with the lot of em behind the reigns.

  10. cfrost says:

    all i know is that shit tastes more like regular dr pepper

    it’s god damned amazing

  11. OBEEWON says:

    ^^^I don’t believe it. Going to try some tonight. Will report back.