Vaughn Gittin Jr’s new livery is revealed [SNAPSHOT]

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 In Formula D Spy Shots Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Vaughn Gittin Jr is doing some demos at the St. Louis Auto Show this weekend, and we had a feeling he may reveal his new livery at this event. Turns out we were right as Jarod Deanda has posted a photo on social media of the new look as the first demo of the day got started this morning. It definitely is similar to last year’s livery with the ‘stitches’ and colorway, but gone are the Falken Scallops as JR makes way for his new partnership with Nitto tire. What are your thoughts on the new look?

Jacob Leveton

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  1. Casey says:

    Doesnt look right without Falken all over it.

  2. Vaughn says:

    This is not my new Livery for 2013. We are only running this for the weekend here at the St. Louis auto show.

  3. rickybobby says:

    technically, it is a new livery, wrecked didn’t lie there!! just not the official FD 2013 livery?

  4. Mike Peters says:

    This is like when Dale Earnhardt shaved off his mustache that one time.

    Going to take some getting used to seeing that car without Falken on it.

    I hope I see this livery on Forza tonight.

  5. Sam Corson says:

    No ASD sponsor? Who is maintaining the car this year?

  6. Casey says:

    There’s an ASD logo below the door…

  7. Patrick says:

    Wrecked fail! Sometimes you guys need to not speak so fast….

  8. Hotdong says:

    I cant wait to see him play ping pong off the walls in LB. 3 chokes in a row!!!

  9. Jabroni says:

    I was gonna say ASD posted this same pic and said wait till you guys see the new livery for 2013 so i didnt think this was it……..and ASD keeps posting about his car so maybee they worked things out and they are still maintaining it

  10. Casey says:

    ASD split from Falken, not Vaughn.

  11. Crook says:

    ASD is sticking with ford and vaughn, as casey said- not with falken.

  12. J. Sesate says:

    Can’t wait