Tony Angelo has a new car and a new HQ for FD2013 [BREAKING NEWS]

After Chris Forsberg and Vaughn Gittin Jr made the headlines earlier this week, Drift Alliance teammate Tony Angelo decided to get in on the fun. Angelo announced today that he will be drifting a Scion FR-S for Formula D in 2013. The car was a flood car from Hurricane Sandy, and Angelo will be doing fundraised through the season to help raise money for the victims of the hurricane. He also told us that the car will be powered by the Scion 2AZ motor and pushing well over 700hp with Nitrous. Before anyone says that the goal seems high, remember that his Scion Racing teammate Freddy Aasbo is already making that much power on the same motor without Nitrous. MA Motorsport will be doing the fabrication work, who is the same shop that runs Chris Forsberg’s team.

Yesterday, Angelo announced that he would hav a new home shop in Philly with 4,000 square feet of shop space, 7 bays, and 4 lifts. We’re excited to see what Tony Angelo can do with the new car and resources at his disposal!

Jacob Leveton

Freelance Drift Correspondent at JacobPhoto
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  1. ChrisRamirez says:

    That is breaking news. Big ups and cheers to you Tony! Can’t wait to see this unfold.

  2. Tony Angelo says:

    Whenever Mike Peters posts his hate, please remember this badass is the source!

  3. Tony Angelo says:

    Thanks ChrisRamirez, I am really happy that I get to build and drive such a rad car. Heading to the shop right now~!

  4. Casey says:

    Glad to see Tony moving up in the drift world. Lets see what he can do with a car built and tailored to him.

  5. Mike Peters says:

    Hmm. If it was someone that wasn’t getting beat by no-name rookies after over a decade of driving experience I might care.

    But instead its someone who’s been drifting pro for over 10 years, and still gets clowned on by no-name rookies after over a decade in the sport, lol. But instead of rookie kids in El Caminos, now its rookie kids who are copying that Texas dude that put the LS1 in the 240.

    I think I slaughtered you every time I showed up at an event, and I was at least smart enough to get a real job. This whole mooching off a faux-charity is great. As indicated by your post you’ve clearly got the heart of someone who is involved in charity…lol.


  6. I leave philly… philly gets on the map!

  7. Brian says:

    This is the motor that should of been in this car in the first place. I was wondering when someone was going to do his. I can not wait to see thing done. Big props to Tony!

  8. Pat says says:

    LOLOL mike peters

  9. petite pounder says:

    i wonder how much a flood FR-S costs.

  10. Hotdong says:

    Nice photo of peter. You are so proud you put a LS1 in a 240…..but you could’nt drive it remember?

  11. gtrmonkey says:

    Tony Angelo
    Whenever Mike Peters posts his hate, please remember this badass is the source!

    Remember you brought the drama on yourself. I doubt he would have sayed anything. Learn to grow up man. Let shit go, or you going to make yourself look like a freakin idiot. But if you want to bring up the past. One thing that everyone can agree on is your a sell out.

  12. jdmwill says:

    Chels philly never needed to be on the map. $2.00 bodega cheese steaks and used dealer tires all day…. I miss north philly 🙁

  13. Saito buys cars wrecked from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami while Angelo bought a car from hurricane Sandy’s flood damage. That’s got to be quite the renissance for any car. From scrap to racing hero.

  14. rotarypower says:

    @peters damn dude Smh u didn’t have to go in on him like that lol !

    Can’t wait to see how the build turn’s out.good luck tony

  15. ncutrone says:

    Mike Penis Who? O i am sorry i never herd of you. I guess your just trying to compensate for your last name. Don’t hate buddy. O yeah! how is that job going? You going to be telling those stories to your grand kids when you get old. While collecting unemployment working at a grocery store. Your a legend in your own mind!!

  16. Matthew Clarke says:

    Good luck on the scion fr-s/charity. How much roughly did you get that fr-s for?

  17. Mike Peters says:

    I’m a huge fag, I used to drift (and suck at it) but now all I do is chirp people on blog sites.

  18. JMadge21 says:

    Anyone know where you can find damaged cars haha

  19. Mike Peters says:

    Dang, if I sucked at drifting, but beat TA every single time, then what does that say about Tony’s skills?


  20. petite pounder says:

    copart for damaged cars.

    with all this trash talk, its pretty obvious the only solution is for Mike Peters and Tangelo to do a gumtape drift off. or just that competition shit that tureck did with forsberg.

  21. Crook says:

    I think that we should see a fight to the death

  22. jDUB says:

    ^^ +1 for that. Peters can bring his gut/thong combo.

  23. jomama says:

    I say drift demo derby in missile cars. Tony vs this peters guy. #whoismikepetersanyways

  24. Mike Peters says:

    I’m super gay btw and I love TA.

  25. Mendozi says:

    Poor FR-S.

    I guess as long as the Judges are TA’s buddies, he will keep wrecking it…

  26. Brian says:

    I think this Mike Peters clown should shut the hell up.

  27. nismoZ31 says:

    Ladies ladies, cant we all get along?
    You both have valid points:
    Peters is queer, fact.
    Tony sucks at drifting, fact.
    i just wish the judges would see it and allow for real talent into the top32.

  28. mendozi says:

    Lol.. Yeah right. As long as these “cool” drifters keep cool with the judges, we will have Dmac not qualifying, and people like TA and Nick who really suck somehow qualifying every event.

    Im going to call it now, this year it will be worse, specially with all these over hyped XDC doing FD this year.

  29. Mike Peters says:

    I’m flattered that someone took the time of the day to make a craigslist ad for me.

    So since Tony is going to wind up doing nothing with his life, and my tax dollars will pay for him to tell of how he used to be cool in some no-name bar with his welfare card and my tax dollars, I’d like to go ahead and start supporting his cause so I can just become accustomed to it.

    What’s the name of this charity? I’d like to make a donation now that I have all these extra funds coming from this craigslist solicitation that apparently I’m a part of unbeknownst to me.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

  30. Luis says:

    LOL mike peters, you have made my week.

  31. Alan brentzel says:

    This is easy to fix! East coast bash! Grudge matches foo shoo