Kyle Mohan develops RX-8 mount kit for FD RX7 motor [PARTS]

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 In Buy This Kyle Mohan

While most of us spent the past month buying holiday gifts and planning for the new year, Kyle Mohan was busy getting married and developing a mount kit for the SE3P RX-8 chassis to mount the FD3S RX-7 motor. Many people find the Renesis motor in the RX-8 chassis a bit more difficult to tune and prefer the older technology of the FD3s. Kyle Mohan Racing has developed a mount kit which allows for the continued use of the RX-8 transmission and driveshaft, making the conversion a bit easier on the pockets. If you’re into rotary motors, this may be just the kit you’ve been waiting for to join Kyle Mohan and Bergenholtz Racing in the RX-8 ranks of Formula D!

Check out the Ebay ‘buy it now’ auction HERE

Jacob Leveton

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  1. lifer says:

    Very nice kit! I hope some pics of the swap from KMR can be posted up so we can see the work done.

  2. KMR says:

    Thanks for the support! Just trying to make the swap easier on people. The RX-8 is a great car, especially when you have some extra power!