Driftworks throws the best holiday party for their employees [VIDEO]

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 In International Video

While most companies throw a holiday party that includes dinner, booze, and gift cards, the Driftworks crew went and bought missiles and rented out a track in Europe for a day. Next year, maybe we’ll have a cool Wrecked holiday party. Until then, watch the carnage unravel in this video.

Check out the video here: http://vimeo.com/56214054

Jacob Leveton

Freelance Drift Correspondent at JacobPhoto
Jacob Leveton has worked as a freelance journalist for 12 years, specializing in drifting since the first professional competition landed on US shores in 2003. Leveton has worked with more than twenty print and online media outlets to provide unique drifting content.


  1. petite pounder says:

    wrecked holiday party? sounds like it’ll be a bunch of neckbeard internet keyboard warriors wanking off together. that being said. sign me up.

  2. Mike Peters says:

    Awesome vid!!!!