Dave Briggs stays 4-cylinder for 2013

Posted on Dec 18, 2012 In Dave Briggs Drift Mania Formula D

Dave Briggs started his season off in a V8-powered 350Z in Formula D, but after failing to qualify in the first 3 events and rumors that the V8 power was too different to what he was used to, Briggs switched back to an SR-powered S14 for the final two events. The switch paid off as he qualified in both Vegas and Irwindale, and looked much more comfortable in the car. For 2013, Briggs appears to be working with Mazworx out of Florida to build a stroked SR20 with a VE head, and rumored to be pushing out 30psi for well over 600hp to the wheels. Just two years ago, the best way to push more than 600 whp was via a V8, but with Daigo proving that 1,000 HP is reliable out of the 2JZ motor and several other drivers pushing more than 700hp last year through 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder cars, the tides of FD may be turning.

Jacob Leveton

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  1. Mike Peters says:

    Sweet. You take that cookie cutter, and you throw it out the window.

  2. Corifto says:

    Dammit Mike, I like cookies though.

  3. bro says:

    or just put the beast v8 in the s14 and fix all of your problems

  4. DUBteez says:


  5. Brian says:

    Hopefully this works for him, I’d hate to see the same thing happen at the start of next season. Although I’m not the biggest Briggs fan it was still nice seeing a local guy sling it around with the big guys when he went back to his 14. Does anyone know what his last setup was pushing?

  6. yoyoyo says:

    If hes comfortable with an sr who the hell cares!

  7. kyle pollard says:

    would you look at that.

  8. hollywood says:

    scared of the big v8 moved back to the s chassis…. still dosent make top 32 at long beach 2013 lol

  9. drifter says:

    Any one know if the 350z is for sale?

  10. LOL at people thinking he couldn’t handle the V8…

  11. Jordan Hamelin says:

    Dave also got a sponsorship with Garret 🙂 That SR will be awesome

    Drifter: the Z will be used in Dmcc (back in canada)

  12. Yo says:

    Just two years ago…

    The Japs were already at that level 2 years ago haha

  13. rnd831 says:

    hollywood, your a dumb ass. driving an S14 for years then going to a Z33 isn’t easy.