2013 Drift Mania – Preview of Pat Cyr’s Scion FRS [PREVIEW]

Pat Cyr, Scion Canada’s pro-drift driver, is building up an FR-S for the 2013 Drift Season. He is retiring his AE86 after this season and stepping into the new 86 thanks to Scion Canada. Pat Cyr is turning to forced induction and a widebody kit with an attempt to take the Drift Mania series by storm. What do you think of his new build?


  1. YOitzJDM says:

    Wonder if he’ll keep the stock motor or just swap the EJ25 like Greddy did

  2. hollywood says:

    this thing is boring! who cares what motor he puts in it. still boring

  3. Mike Peters says:

    This thing is awesome. That dude has been trooping around for YEARS in that little AE86 coupe, and it’s great that Toyota is helping him out with this.

    This dude is like honestly the second cliche AE86 drifter dude behind Taka in North America, congrats to him!

  4. Brian says:

    This thing is rad! Keeping traditional to himself. If you saw his gangster rolla, you’d understand. It’s about time he got a break and dude is gunna kill it in this thing… Ps go watch some of his vids and just rememer he was just over 300 hp in his Carolla. Nuff said

  5. Slider S15 says:

    I like it! Its simple yet aggressive!

    I dont know how well that splitter will last but thats just me being picky… 😛

  6. Jabroni says:

    Yea i like it because it reps his 86 with the army green and black now just needs a sick ass spoiler to compliment it