Drift Shifters – The Action [VIDEO]

Drift Shifters went down this weekend in New Zealand with a gang of international stars competing in a pinball machine style drift contest. With Sam Hubinette, Daigo Saito, Matt Powers, and local Mad Mike Whiddett attacked this new and unorthodox course to score points in front of over ten thousand fans. If you want to see a technical video on how they did it or if you want to see who won just check out our results post. This short video really shows how much the concept Drift Shifters was.


Watch the video: http://www.redbull.co.nz/cs/Satellite/en_NZ/Video/Drift-Shifters-The-Action-021243294083233


  1. Miguelito says:

    Now thats badass!!!!

  2. Ace says:

    So good to see that challenger drift again i love that car