BC Racing Virtual Drift Cup in Forza Motorsport 4

Drifting in Forza 4 is stepping up its seriousness with a BC Racing sponsored event that allows you to win real prizes and parts for your virtual performance. The three judges include Formula Drift drivers Chelsea DeNofa, Jeremy Lowe, and Patrick Goodin who even released a 10 minute drivers meeting video walking you through the rules of the game and the virtual track Iberian Mini Reverse. This drivers meeting video can be found here.

Rulebook wise the game is pretty simple which limits you to RWD cars only. Engine, suspension, and tire modification have zero restrictions for this Forza contest. However, no positive camber is allowed with your suspension tuning of the vehicle. You also must run the BC Racing logo which is available in the storefront. Below is a link to the complete rulebook and how to enter and win free stuff.
Read the Rules for the Virtual Drift Cup: http://www.bcracing-na.com/virtual-drift-cup/rules-and-regulations/


  1. Dang says:

    Mike Peters gonna make his comback.

  2. T PLUS says:

    Cuz Forzula D is serious bizzness!

  3. Mike Peters says:

    I already signed up.

    Deal with it.

  4. Alika80 says:

    Wish I had an Xbox. @Lifer, did you sign up?

  5. lifer says:

    I didn’t find out about this till today. Turns out the deadline to submit was last night and midnight. I wish I could have given it a shot cause I could use a set of coilovers. I hope they get a good turnout and hold another event.

  6. SirTenderBeard says:

    I feel bad for BC. They put on a rad competition on Forza with awesome prizes and a bunch of basement dwelling nerds get mad on facebook about useless crap. It’s much appreciated BC, thank you for putting something like this on.