Mad Mike and Redbull – A Technical Look at Drift Shifters [VIDEO]

Mad Mike is one of the most creative and exciting drivers in the world and his new creation is called Drift Shifters. Imagine human drift car size pinball with his insane Mazda Rx-7 that happens to be going down in Auckland on Saturday December 8th, 2012. Below you can click the video to learn about the technical building of this racetrack.

The pinball style drift event is going to score points with 12 drivers based on the proximity to the sensor, speed, angle and other recordable variables. Matt Powers and Daigo Saito are both heading to New Zealand for the big event. It will also be MC’d by Jarod DeAnda. Head out between 12:00pm – 3:00pm on December 8th in Auckland City to enjoy the whole weekend.
The Red Bull Drift Shifters Drivers List:
Mad Mike Whiddett (NZ)
Daigo Saito (JAP)
Matt Powers (USA)
Samuel Hubinette (SWE)
Dan Woolhouse (NZ)
Gary Whiter (NZ)
Curt Whittaker (NZ)
Cole Armstrong (NZ)
Daynom Templeman (NZ)
Jason Sellers (NZ)
Andrew Redward (NZ)
Hugo Maclean (NZ)


Watch the video:


  1. petite pounder says:

    so….its a tiny gymkhana course? u manji around a couple barrels and do donuts? if that render is drawn to scale… looks tiny, slow, dumb, and boring. . and J-Rod is the announcer? great now the kiwi’s are gonna hate us even more now.

  2. Lil Breeze says:

    ^negative nancy over here. I like it. Red Bull is trying to take drifting to different avenues and they aren’t scared to take chances on things that may not work or things that people may not like. Maybe the course is small now so they can try it out, maybe this can grow to be something bigger. You never know until you see it.

  3. Danny George says:

    This could work. I like thinking outside the box.

    Looks pretty put together. Might need some changes but a lot of the variables of failure have been thought of and seemingly handled.

    Good luck to the guys. #merica

  4. Latino Hibino says:

    I think Red Bull could have spent the money on another Red Bull Drifting World Championship instead of this. Just saying.

  5. meanace says:

    My guess would be it’s RedBull NZ’s money hence no RedBull USA drivers entering.