Vaughn Gittin Jr. Testing Nitto Tires [RUMORMILL]

The rumors around this Vaughn Gittin Jr. program come to us in the time span of about three day. The first big announcement came when the Falken Tire Motorsport PR lacked the name of Vaughn Gittin Jr. on the first day of the 2012 SEMA Show. Coming off the SEMA show we heard several rumors that a deal had been resigned with Falken Tire but now at best that seems to be up in the air.

Recently the guys at ASD and Vaughn Gittin Jr. have been testing Nitto Tires with his 2013 Ford Mustang. We did hear this from several reliable sources but it is unclear if a deal has been struck with Nitto and Vaughn Gittin Jr. yet. It sounds like the new program has quite a few things to work out but who knows what tire company we will see Vaughn on in 2013 at this point.


  1. Evan Fitch says:

    Any tire company would be lucky to have this guy on their roster.

  2. Yo someone find out what’s going to happen with Monster. 5-hour energy is under investigation which is bringing heat on all energy supplement products.

  3. Mike Peters says:

    The only thing going on with 5-Hour Energy is they’ve added DuPont finishes to their left-rear quarter panel.

    Which brings heat from the fire after smashing into the wall.


  4. Mike Peters says:

    This only has three replies?

    Did the internet die?