2012 Formula Drift Spirit of Drifting – Danny George

Posted on Oct 15, 2012 In Formula D Major Announcements

This one has to be a no brainer for anybody who has come out to a Formula Drift event this season. Danny George has practically branded the color orange his in the sport with his orange Crabbroker Mazda Miata, orange t-shrits, and orange┬ávuvuzela’s at Irwindale Speedway. The only thing that could make his brand better is some help from NOS Energy Drink but we will let that slide as something out of his control. The Las Vegas native has a great attitude, beard, and fan base making him a no brainer for this award in 2012. We couldn’t even cough up any staff alternates or back ups for this one.


  1. chopper says:

    Hell yeah!

    Congrats Danny!

  2. hollywood says:

    danny is drift. dude even has a turbo street miata that he takes out to car meets and shit to talk to fans. someone give this dude some money for next season so he can stick around!

    title sponsor anyone !!!!

  3. petite pounder says:

    fully agree with this one. Danny George has one of the best personalities on the grid. and everything about him exudes his unique personality without conforming to what “popular style” is.

  4. Danny George says:

    Love you boys over at Wrecked. Had great conversations with all of you multiple times this year. You guys have helped our team a lot! Plus this site keeps it interesting. Much props, keep it going!

    Now this is where the work begins. Payback the credit companies, look for outgoing brands that want some bargain advertising lol. Need that one company that will let us really showcase our ideas and stand behind us for the longterm.

    Much appreciation to the drivers & teams along with my family, friends, fans and sponsors that allowed us more freedom to really enjoy this year. We are just scratching the surface of this big picture. 2013 will be amazing and way better in every way.

  5. Andy George says:

    Hell yea! Danny deserved this!