ONE BIG MISTAKE – 2012 Triple Crown Champion is ACTUALLY Justin Pawlak

I am going to guess Justin Pawlak was having a horrible weekend after missing out on a championship chance and crashing his 2013 Ford Mustang GT in the finals against his season rival Daigo Saito. Well the good news the $10,000 check and sweet Triple Crown Trophy they handed Vaughn Gittin Jr. in one huge ceremony at Irwindale is actually going to Justin Pawlak. In case you missed the award ceremony after the final round of Formula Drift at Irwindale Speedway we watched them award the trophy to Vaughn Gittin Jr. who actually finished in 3rd place.

Since Justin Pawlak finished in second place scoring 88 points and Daigo Saito scored 100 points this makes them move ahead of the man we awarded the championship, Vaughn Gittin Jr., who is sadly not a champion. I have felt we need to make the championship point structure easier like NASCAR did. We shouldn’t need Excel sheets and scientific calculators to determine who has won a championship but a simple point structure with a system like 100 / 95 / 90 or 100 / 90 or whatever they can come up with would be much better.

What a tough break for Justin Pawlak after being screwed at Evergreen Speedway in the Top 32 with a bad call of “two tires off” and now he didn’t even get to celebrate his victory. I really hope they don’t take away the $10,000 they awarded Vaughn Gittin Jr. and hand that out to Justin. Sounds like someone should find another $10,000 check to hand over to the real winner? Man…. I sure didn’t see this one coming last night when I went to sleep after a crazy Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway. What do you think should happen?


  1. zachnthebox says:


  2. petite pounder says:

    lol who at formula d did the math on this one.

  3. Mike Peters, Texan Native says:

    Man, that sucks 🙁

  4. Bob_VA says:

    Somebody needs to go back and repeat basic Arithmetic 101.

  5. Hollywood36 says:

    First off Matt field killed daigo both times second this whole weekend has been a disaster. I’m not cool with any if it.

  6. SamuraiSam says:

    good thing the bank isn’t open on Sunday so JR couldn’t cash that check

  7. Hollywood37 says:

    Ps next season judges need to be completely seperate from everyone els. Ryan sage able to talk to the judges while they were deliberating about the Saito field runs was utter bullshit. Just makes everyone feel like its all fake in the end.let the judges judge and series owners set in the stupid VIP boots over the grand stands away from any real judging otherwise I’m just going to assume its all rigged!!!

  8. Danny George says:

    Congrats Justin!! I love you man. If only the haters actually knew you. Next year……

  9. LPOneThree says:

    1st of all….” I really hope they don’t take away the $10,000 they awarded Vaughn Gittin Jr. and hand that out to Justin. Sounds like someone should find another $10,000 check to hand over to the real winner?”…….yeah right

    2nd VGJR should be celebrating… 2012 overall champion, Matt Field won the first tandem match against Saito and if anything the second match was another OMT, Field stole the show

  10. Brian says:

    LP…actually Saito won. Hopefully this turns the frown upside down on ol Fart-Face jtp

  11. Frank says:

    Hollywood, don’t even start.

    But yes, I hope they hand over the award to Justin who rightfully deserves it.

  12. bigmac says:

    i love watching fd and all the drivers have done an absolutely amazing job this year but the judging and structure has been complete and total shit so many things have been missed and/or miscalculated fd needs a complete overhaul.

  13. bigmac says:

    oh and how do you screw this up it is 10000 and a major title in fd, sorry to justin and jr.

  14. Mike Peters, Texan Native says:

    Ryan Sage shouldn’t be near the judges?


    For the record, who IS in charge of FD’s judging, rules, and about everything?

    RYAN SAGE. It’s the judges job to know the rulebook. It’s Ryan Sage’s job to AUTHOR the rulebook. C’mon man. There are a lot of tricky things to figure out in that stand, and we should be thankful the judges have access to him at all times during the event.

  15. mathman says:

    What a joke, how can someone have a job after that?
    Someone better go back and make sure Saito really one the series.

  16. Kids Heart says:

    Do fans really give a crap about the triple crown?

  17. rossF says:

    Who cares if the fans follow the Triple Crown or not. The drivers follow it.

  18. ^ @rossF yeah I agree, if I was in the running for it, I know I’d certainly care. Has there been any follow up regarding the situation? did it get corrected at the banquet?

  19. ish mel says:

    They really F’d this year up. I dont know what they hell happened this year, but they made horrible calls all year, created some really stupid rules regarding off track points, screwed over some really good people,(Fields, Denofa etc..), Created some pretty stupid tracks(palm beach, change to ATL, etc…) and now this. I not sure if they wanted Diago to win so bad they just didnt care or what, and no this… Come on guys get it together.