Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Monster Drift in Las Vegas [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. rolls out his Monster Drift video with a very Las Vegas look and feel as he drove his way to another podium finish this season on what looks to be a road to a potential second championship if all goes well at Irwindale. Follow the three minute reel of his weekend drifting in the dark at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in his 2013 Ford Mustang RTR. Even watch Luke Lonberger in his Corvette C6 tap the wall from a great follow camera that Vaughn has on his roof as he gives chase. The video by NetworkA has a great Vegas theme and music placed behind it that we just love.


  1. Was fun to tandem with JR. I had no idea he hit me but that is pretty cool. My line was waaaay off from going wide into the first outer clip haha.

  2. D says:

    Very “rat pack” I like it.

  3. Mike Peters says:

    The way the edited that was hella cool!!

  4. lifer says:

    Another classy video for JR. I really liked it. Well themed for the event.