Collision between Forrest Wang and Andy Hateley takes to Facebook

Andy Hateley and Forrest Wang both have a plethora of experience, and both have driven in Formula D previously. The semifinal run between these two drivers at Vegas ProAm at Las Vegas Motor Speedway resulted in a car-to-car collision between Wang and Hateley when Wang was leading. Hateley was forced to retire due to the damage to his car, but both drivers earned licenses in Formula D. A photographer posted an image on Facebook, tagging both drivers, where the above comment exchange ensued between both drivers. We don’t create the drama, we simply report on it.

Jacob Leveton

Freelance Drift Correspondent at JacobPhoto
Jacob Leveton has worked as a freelance journalist for 12 years, specializing in drifting since the first professional competition landed on US shores in 2003. Leveton has worked with more than twenty print and online media outlets to provide unique drifting content.


  1. TSUNAMI-Donny says:

    Last sentence of Andy’s second comment. …Andy DOES know that he directed that line to Forrest, right?

  2. lifer says:

    This discussion should have never gone to facebook.

    You just know now what to expect, and be prepared for next time.

    I hope if there was any foul play in either drivers minds, it died there in the track.

    Plan ahead and move on.

  3. Real talk says:

    nobody wants to see andy’s haggard ass z in FD anyways

  4. durr says:

    Forrest and Garret both break check like crazy. they’ve been doing it all season in vegas, round 2 especially. they will fit right into fd with guys like daigo.

  5. @lifer, WHAT?!?! you dont want it on facebook? are u kidding me. this is what makes FD awesome. do you ever see lewis hamilton shit talking mark webber on twitter/facebook? do you have any idea how much more entertaining F1 would be if Alonso just called out Vettel for some shit on social media?

  6. lifer says:

    @durr This is true? any videos? what do you think should be done about it?

    @pounder ……………….I see what you did there 😉

  7. Meanace says:

    Why has it taken so long for Forrest to get to FD Pro?
    Can anyone just stay in ProAm for an unlimited amount of time and get hipster points?

  8. Blaze1 says:

    Forrest was in FD driving one the drift emporium G35 a few years back.

    That was the best any of those cars looked.

    Seriously, he is the best American driver not in FD…. his talent is on JTP’s level.

  9. jDUB says:

    And he was a part of this awesome drift team called “The Drift Avengers”. I think that was like the height of his career. First class outfit. “A” numbah wan!

  10. yourmama says:

    @jdub- forrest was a part of drift avengers too…

  11. Jabroni says:

    yea last time he was in FD wasnt too long ago in 2010 he drove the orange drift emporium g35, but next year they did some rule about if you dont maintain some certain amount of points every season they pull your license or something i dont rember but i think he had to get it back( i think anyways i could be wrong) . He needs to be back in FD as well as James Dean

    @pounder- i agree i love how the fans can be so close to the drama, and that drivers are so opinionated and dont act like car readers all day just praising their sponsors and teams. i think a little emotion and drama can go a long way but too much is a bad thing

  12. Chad says:

    If Andy had a problem he should have gone to Forrest directly.

    Or just deal with it because it’s drifting.

  13. lifer says:

    @ Chad – Bingo

  14. From Thursday through Saturday Forrest was more consistent than Andy. I wasn’t watching when the collision happened but everyone that was there with me (spotters for FD and Pro-am, Drivers and crew members) said that Andy came in too hot and too shallow in an attempt to catch Forrest. Why would Forrest brake check someone when they can’t keep up in the first place. The only person he slows down for is Garret because he’s trying to teach him to drive better.

  15. Shitsabouttoget REAL says:

    @ Chad

    Can’t do that when you would be a cry baby bitch like JTP… You have to say/do nothing.

  16. jDUB says:

    @yourmamma….Hi Mom….I was talking about Forest to just to clarify…I was adding to the comment above mine. Oh yea….and I was being sarcastic in that comment if you didn’t catch on to that.

    Good lookin out Moms…One more thing…you forgot to wash my boxers last night…Get on that ASAP!!

  17. Blaze1 says:

    Forrest was with Drift Avengers for not even one event and left.

  18. Brad Heyl says:

    2 cents after watching drifting and driving for years myself… non biased bc I don’t know either of these guys personally or as a fan

    looked like Forest slowed a litte bit but he was taking a wide line as the judges wanted to see that from what i was gather and naturally you have to slow down a bit to come in on the apex or ‘cipping point’ correctly… he may have had a little too much speed if you want to argue that and had to scrub a bit but didn’t seem to me that he slammed on the brakes or made any other abrupt changes

    Andy, I appreciate that you were driving hard and trying your best. But it looked like you shallowed up. As a follow car, by definition of the rules, you need to mirror the lead cars line even if you fall behind a bit. Looked like Andy was trying to play catch up, cut off Forest’s line and by the time he lifted off the throttle had too much speed coming into Forrest. That is my observational, and least subjective view of the crash.

    For the record as well, hope you guys don’t mind me pointing this out, but calling out someone for break checks, not saying you are Andy, really only comes into play when there is some door to door action not so much when there is a gap already.

    Ultimately, I know Andy felt bad for running into Forest and know that when budgets come into play things can get heated really quick and maybe blown out of proportion. So I hope these two guys can continue to work out their differences, come back to the next event and race smart and hard.

  19. Mike Peters says:

    Drift jousting would settle this

  20. Redline says:

    Andy, you should have matched the angle and instead, you took a shooter line with way less angle. ALL YOUR FAULT. You talk about acceleration in a power zone when you had a weak angle. Sorry man, but we prefer angle and style to speed. You want speed, go road racing where you can hit apexes with less angle.
    Your tactics were weak at best in your statement. Had YOU gone into that corner with BIG ANGLE, you would not have hit the other car, but, well, as we saw it on the run, you chickened out, asshole grabbed foam, and ah shooter line! BAM