2012 Formula Drift Main Event Matchups

The Top 32 bracket has a couple of really interesting matchups including Aasbo vs Forsberg, two drivers that we usually don’t see battle so early in Top 32. ¬†Pawlak and ¬†McQuarrie are also matched up in Top 32 . You’ll recall that last year Justin Pawlak was given Tyler McQuarrie’s car last year at Vegas causing Tyler to be out of the points race. The rest of the matchups are below:

Left side of the bracket:
F. Aasbo vs C. Forsberg
K. Mohan vs D. Yoshihara
M. Powers vs T. Yoshioka
J. Pawlak vs T. McQuarrie
C. Grunewald vs R. Bell
K. Gushi vs M. Field
V. Gittin vs D. Briggs
J. Maeng vs L. Lonberger

Right side of the bracket:

R. Millen vs A. Lee
C. Ward vs R. Gallagher
D. Saito vs T. Angelo
C. Denofa vs I. Fornier
R. Nishida vs O. Bakchis
R. Tuerck vs D. Mertzanis
M. Essa vs P. Goddin
D. George vs W. Wilkerson


  1. m.landreville says:

    millen,gittin,pawlak podium, saito 4

  2. Wegs says:

    Rain…. This is going to be interesting…

  3. miguelito says:

    daigo and here we go ..!

  4. Kids Heart says:

    This is too damn late.