Nissan 350z Street Drifting Has an Accident [VIDEO]

Posted on Aug 2, 2012 In Street Drifting Video Wrecks

The video speaks for itself as a Nissan 350z overcooks a huge turn and smashes into a curb/guardrail. The curb luckily really put the car to a halt before moving into the guardrail. This is why Midwest Drift Union, Clubloose, and Vegas Drift are around so you don’t do this to your 350z. Going off the racetrack is a tad more forgiving in most cases.


  1. Jabroni says:

    haha this vid is awesome…and i agree to keep it on the track but common street sliding from time to time is still fun…can help it sometimes im driving arround and see a corner u just have to hit or a curb you just have to hit in this case lol

  2. Mike Peters says:

    If that guy played Forza that wouldn’t have happened

  3. Brian says:

    AW sick drift bro! …… Hahaha that was gold ^^^

  4. ross w says:

    I blame the huge wing hahahaha

  5. Jason Cancio says:

    Went way too hard, way too fast.

  6. ross w says:

    he didn’t go fast enough is the problem and he lifted at the apex and braked. NEVER LIFT!!!

  7. someguy says:

    He wasn’t going too fast, he just sucks. Initiated late and wide with no angle, pushed out to the wall like clown.

  8. TheBuster says:

    He was goin for that proximity