2012 Formula Drift Round 5 Evergreen Speedway [RESULTS]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes home his 2nd victory in a row with a win at Formula Drift Evergreen Speedway. The podium is below:

1st. Vaughn Gittin Jr
2nd. Ryan Tuerck
3rd. Rhys Millen


  1. Kids Heart says:

    If my math is correct

    JR 388 points
    Daigo 383 points
    JTP 376 points

  2. rotarypower says:

    Pts chase heating up

  3. lifer says:

    Incredible round. Judges were much more cut-throat with the ‘crossing the line’ scoring, but its not like the drivers didn’t know about this rule. JTP knocked out by a rookie in the top32? Tough call, but easily the biggest upset of the season. Bebop made a good point that it should be a percentage deduction for 2 wheels off, and not a strait up zero. I think the reason is this is more black and white for the judges to call on who wins. If I remember correctly, there was only one OMT battle!?! I think its cause of the strict rules judges are calling on. Now again Conrad and Daigo is in the ring of controversy, but with the restart rule being abused a little. Conrad got the win this time from a VERY rare mistake from Daigo, but hey, even monkeys fall off trees sometimes.

    Bottom line, This was a great event. Final 4 sees a V6 turbo, 4cly turbo, Chevy V8, and Ford V8. Not a bad mix considering what we had in the start. Judging was much better this time. The rules challenge from Angelo’s team was handled very professionally from everyone involved. Ryan did great jumping in at the last second to someone could explain what is going on. Props to Angelo’s team, Yoshioka’s team and the Formula Drift staff for keeping communication solid with everyone and handling the redo like the pros they are.

    I have great respect for Ryan, Jim, and Jarod in asking the audience for a moment of silence for the victims and the families mourning from the horrible tragedy in Colorado.

    You may never know what you will get from a Formula Drift event, but you can always count on an entertaining sold out show with amazing tandem battles. Congrats to JR for another podium win, Tuerck for getting second, and Millen in 3rd

  4. JacobPhoto says:

    Great event overall! I thought several rounds could have easily gone OMT, including the final, but with the judges defining more strict criteria, the decisions all made sense. After such a controversial round in Jersey, I’d say this one went almost as smoothly as any previous event.

    Thanks to those who tuned in on the live stream, I had a lot of fun! It got a little tricky juggling guest commentators, but overall I think there was some very interesting insight and feedback into everything. Hope everyone else enjoyed watching it as well!

    Is it time for Vegas yet?

  5. gsxr750 says:

    What happened to Tyler, he didn’t make top 32?

  6. Brock White says:

    I like the judges being more firm on the wheels-off rules. I mean, if those were walls instead of chalk lines, nobody would even be questioning the judges – and we’d need more tow trucks.

    Great show, FormulaD!

  7. Kids Heart says:

    Too bad further evidence shows JTP didn’t put his second wheel off. Formula D really should have put a line spotter there.


  8. lifer says:

    @Kids Heart

    That is a really tough call. I went over it several times in slow motion. It was just enough to call it 2 off BARELY, but again this will be one of those calls that will never die, and people will always disagree on. Definitely wished that JTP protested it. I do agree some kind of line camera man would have been tremendously useful there. Something I’m sure they will address in the future.

  9. Mike Peters says:

    Man, I love Jeremy Lowe