Rhys Millen isn’t racing at Global RallyCross in NH

Posted on Jul 14, 2012 In Rhys Millen

This tweet (which was re-tweeted by the official GRC twitter account) announced that Millen would not be racing in the event, which happens today in New Hampshire. Rhys is currently sitting in third place overall, and the only driver between him and points leader Tanner Foust, is Marcus Gronholm who is sitting this weekend out to recover from injuries sustained during X Games. Formula D alumni and Rhys Millen’s Hyundai teammate Steph Verdier qualified 4th overall, while former FD Champion Sam Hubinette qualified 6th overall in yesterday’s qualifying.

Millen missed last year’s Formula D event in New Jersey in favor of running the GRC event at Pikes Peak. During the Pikes Peak GRC TV coverage, Millen mentioned that perhaps he had made the wrong decision for the weekend, implying that he might have been better off staying in NJ and making a bigger run at the championship. Millen finished the championship 9th place overall, 119 points behind Dai Yoshihara. The FD NJ event is the only event he has ever not attended (he failed to qualify for FD Long Beach in 2008 due to mechanical failure in the Pontiac Solstice but was at the event working on the car in the pits up thru qualifying). With all the safety issues in GRC lately, perhaps he is making a bigger commitment to Formula D overall.

The New Hampshire Global Rallycross race is being televised today at 4p PST / 7p EST on ESPN, or on ESPN3.com.

Current GRC standings:

Pos. Driver Total
1 Tanner Foust 48
2 Marcus Gronholm 43
3 Rhys Millen 37
4 Brian Deegan 33
5 David Binks 33
6 Samuel Hubinette 33
7 Stephan Verdier 31
8 Ken Block 28
9 Andy Scott 27
10 Sebastian Loeb 21
11 Sverre Isachsen 20
12 Liam Doran 17
13 Dave Mirra 15
14 Travis Pastrana 13
15 Bucky Lasek 13
16 David Higgins 9

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  1. lifer says:

    I like watching the GRS. I want to see it live someday. I heard there is RWD class?

    I hope everything is good with Millen, and he is not pulling out of Seattle FD event too.

  2. thatguy says:

    wait what? Millen was at FD NJ this year.

  3. Blaze1 says:

    last year

  4. Richard Cranium says:

    GRC is kind of whack anyway. too many of the cars break and there aren’t nearly enough places to pass.

  5. Snoozefest says:

    call me when GRC is done.

  6. Slider S15 says:

    Strange to not see Millen competing when he’s so strongly placed in the Championship AND not double booked.

    I’m guessing maybe it’s something to do with the car unable to be ready more than Rhys taking a swerve, especially if he’s still fielding Verdier’s car. (Remember Rhys is Verdier’s team boss)

    Still, not like Millen to dissappoint his fans OR his sponsors…

  7. Qwazar Dinero says:

    Its good to see Millen picking his battles better, he still gots MAD SKILLS. It would also be nice to see consistent driving from him like how he dominated with the GTO back in 04′ – 05′! More Power out of the Genesis hopefully to come soon? Ill be watching.