2012 ProDrift Ireland Round 3 [RESULTS]

Posted on Jul 8, 2012 In International James Deane Pro Drift RESULTS

Paul McCarthy took his first pro win at ProDrift Cork this weekend, taking out veterans including Gavin Lenihan and James Deane. This is McCarthy’s first year in the pro ranks, and he has made the top 8 in each of the previous 2 rounds. Could this be the next Irish driver to make an appearance in Formula D?

1st – Paul McCarthy
2nd – Gavin Lenihan
3rd – James Deane
4th – Shane O’Sullivan

Jacob Leveton

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  1. lifer says:

    First James Deane, now Paul McCarthy? purely coincidental names I’m sure. Sounds like Paul is in fire this season! I wish I could see more of how the Irish run their pro events. Do they have the same kind of issues with Judging like we do? or are they pretty solid in how people judge the battles?

  2. Cian says:

    Iv been to over 7 prodrift events around Ireland, and from all of them I have not seen one bad call or controversy. There is a great standard of judging over here and an even higher standard of competitive drivers from all around the country. Watch out for drivers from the Irish scene heading abroad in the future. I have no doubt it’ll happen

  3. Mattie says:

    Best drifters in Europe without a doubt been those dudes set the standard in Europe Luke fink competing in europe now also as he has no competition in oz

  4. lifer says:

    That is such great news to hear from the Pro drifting scene in Ireland. I really wish I could watch your events live on the internet like drift stream. It must be tough for Darren, Eric, and Dean to deal with the type of judging here in the US after coming from such a well organized and consistant judging panel in Ireland.

  5. PdDan says:

    Having been involved in Irish drifting in 1 way or another for its entire existance (7 or 8 years) its really hard to find fault with the scene.
    As in every judged sport there will always be debate but the correct calls far far outweigh the bad ones.
    After every battle the judges break down the runs to the crowd so there is no confussion what so ever.
    The criteria itself is far superior to FD and is definately something FD should look at.
    When a course is layed out you have your clipping points which form your ‘Line’.
    For me and for most line should always be the most important part of a qualifyin run which is the case in Ireland. In FD you can almost sacrifice line to be ‘GANGSTA’ and stil score well which isn so cool.

    Anyways with very little drifting facilities here in Ireland its an absolute credit to the Pd judges in particular the main stays Kieran Hynes and Peter Nielsen for continueing to lay out technically very difficult courses which i am in no doubt is why the standard of Irish drivers is soooo high.

    And anyone whos been to a Pd Saturday amateur and semi pro event will tell you the supply line is extremely plentiful and will continue to supply the WORLD with amazing drivers. Fact.,

  6. NZD says:

    Somehow the Irish build cool looking and intereresting drift cars. Same cannot be said for NZ, fugly cars and flat peakers everywhere.

  7. lifer says:

    Thanks Cian and PdDan,

    I always appreciate learning what Pro Drifting is like from other countries. I know there are several National Series around the world. I wish we had a way of learning more about them and who’s who in their respective countries that is making strides, from promoting drifting in a positive and growing atmosphere for Novice and Proam, to the top runners in the Pro Series. How do they feel about the Judging in their Pro Series? What do they take from Japan drifting to make their own in creating their style and how they run their Pro Series? Modified Magazine has been doing great in getting other countries Pro Series posted on here. Hopefully this grows to an international level.