Chelsea DeNofa Spotted Testing the Nitto Tire Mazda Rx-8

We have a confirmation that Chelsea DeNofa has been testing the Nitto Tire Mazda Rx-8 run by the Bergenholtz Racing team and we hear they had a great test program together. Rumor has it maybe that Chelsea DeNofa is set up to be the replacement driver for Joon Maeng at some point sooner than later? It seems awful convenient that Chelsea DeNofa has a totaled BMW sitting in his shop and he is testing with another program. More details as they happen!


  1. Blaze1 says:

    Is Joon Maeng graciously throwing in the towel?

  2. Shadowhunter says:

    Let’s face it Joon is not doing that well(Perhaps too much Jesus?). Sounds like a wise business move on Bergenholtz’s part.

  3. This sucks

    Chelsea is awesome

    but Joon is awesome too.

    I was wondering why I saw what looked to be Bergenholtz rig driving through my town Northbound on I45 two days ago, now I can connect the dots as to why.

  4. Chelsea Denofa says:

    My BMW is being built at the shop and is scheduled to be ready for testing the weekend before Seattle. I was in Houston over the weekend picking up a miata with my x5. Still driving home as I post this.

  5. G says:

    Well this is a profession, paying sponsors deserve results. And unfortunately Gentle Joon hasn’t been cutting it. This happens. It sucks but that’s business

  6. Old ASD Employee says:

    Wait…… so did you or did you not test the Rx-8 out Chelsea?

  7. some media guy says:

    Wrecked Mag always causing drama and putting people on the spot with no professional respect to the sponsors and teams to make announcements themselves.

  8. Slider S15 says:

    I REALLY hope this isnt a sign of things to come!

    Joon is a great driver who’s never really had the machinery to show the glimpses of brilliance we occasionally get to see.

    I seriously doubt that Bergenholtz would be able to find a driver who would put up with such huge reliability as gratiously as Joon has in his time at Bergenholtz (and lets face it thats ALOT of the time)

    Chelsea’s a great driver there’s no denying that, but I don’t want to see Joon loose a seat when he doesn’t really have the car to regularly show his potential…

  9. rotarypower says:

    All I have to say about this if its true..if u put my favorite rotary beast in the wall like in jersery u better watch ur back lol j/k.I would give anything to get behind the wheel of the 20b beast

  10. SteveO says:


  11. YOitzJDM says:

    I kinda hope this is true. Joon is a nice guy, but he doesn’t get results. You could maybe blame the car last year, but you can’t blame the car this year. I think the car is too much for Joon to handle. He’ll probably do better in his SR-powered S13 anyways

  12. RCorona says:

    That’s crazy….Just read that it’s official. What would happen to Joon in a scenario like this?

  13. Wasn’t trying to fuel the fire, but we did see what looked to be the Bergenholtz rig, don’t read into that too much.

  14. eDavis says:

    Bergenholtz lives in north Houston now Mike

  15. Eh Me Leo says:

    Well I don’t know if Chelsea is getting picked up but Bergenholtz and Joon have parted ways. An announcement was via Facebook/Twitter. Just an FYI

  16. rotarypower says:

    @yoitzjdm really u wanna tall about results ok then the same should go for gen gushi hasn’t had a podium since sonoma.hasn’t produced results since then yes has had some top 16’s but still factory backed driver no results.Freddy comes in and has done more than what he has and this is his second season

  17. rotarypower says:

    @yoitzjdm really u wanna tall about results ok then the same should go for ken why he’s still with scion and gets a new ride god only knows y. gushi hasn’t had a podium since sonoma.hasn’t produced results since then yes has had some top 16’s but still factory backed driver no results.Freddy comes in and has done more than what he has and this is his second season I’m just saying since were calling out drivers.sorry just a lil bitter about the whole thing but it is what it is

  18. YOitzJDM says:

    I agree that Gushi hasn’t gotten results, but Gushi was also more available and a bigger fan favorite for the FR-S launch than Aasbo was. I think both drivers have carved out a good niche for themselves in the Scion family, and I see both of them getting a pretty substantial amount of support from Scion in coming years.

    As a comparison, Gushi finished 14th last year with 2 top 16’s and 2 top 8’s and only 1 DNQ, while Maeng finished 25th with only 1 top 16 and 2 DNQ’s. I know the car wasn’t 100% last year, but I just don’t think Joon is the consistent top 16 guy that Gushi (or even Denofa) is.

  19. YOitzJDM says:

    need we bring up the Hankook S14 year that Joon had…. the same one that Daigo drove. Oh wait, everybody forgot about that incident.

  20. Blaze1 says:

    I didn’t forget about that…

    But truth be told. Its really hard to adapt to a double wishbone car coming from a macpherson setup. Joon has been fighting a difficult learning curve while the rest of the field has been evolving chassis wise. And it is sad for me to say but I dont even think non V8 cars making less then 650ft-lb of torque even belong in the series anymore.

    Throw Joon in a LSX S13 and watch the rape party begin.

    For the record I love B-Holtz and Joon and wish them nothing but the best.

  21. rotarypower says:

    I remember that and u do have and valid point in gushi being a fan favorite

  22. If you think Gushi hasn’t looked on-point this year in that FR-S you’re outta your mind.

    You guys are trying to scale talent that is in super sub-par equipment. That RS*R TC was horrible, and broke so much it was just normal to see it broken.

    The new T32 format has really skewed the standings. They’ve almost got enough GOOD drivers to have a full blown T32 as the big show, right now they’ve got about 10 guys each event that sneak into qualifying and just get destroyed in T32, meanwhile some guys that could be championship contenders wind up going head to head in T32 and don’t even make it to T16. The Daigo/Conrad battles have been some of the best this year, and they weren’t even in the main show.

    SOME of these teams are studying results, drivers, and teams, and picking up some really excellent talent for their teams. Gushi, Maeng, Denofa are all absolutely incredible talents, don’t let problems with the machines they pilot dillute that fact. Aasbo was an INCREDIBLE asset to pull in for Papadakis racing, and in a moment when people were asking “How do you replace Tanner” Steph was already working on it.

    I’m curious who Bholtz is going to have piloting that car in 2013. I could see DeNofa using it a couple rounds till his car is up again if he doesn’t have it ready for Seattle, but he’s got his own turn-key program, and that e36 chassis is just incredible, unless Denofa is just borrowing the car till his is back, in which case dropping Joon leaves Bholtz without a driver by Vegas.

    Should be interesting to watch it all unfold, and hope for the best for Denofa and Joon.

  23. YOitzJDM says:

    I bet that whoever sits in the car in Seattle will ride it out rest of the season. Bergenholtz doesn’t want to play musical drivers.

    I’m still shocked nobody has picked up James Deane.

  24. Slider S15 says:

    To those who are saying the car is better than it was reliability wise it’s not, the problems have just moved.

    Last year it was the drivetrain this year its the engine. It was dieing in Long Beach. Spluttering in Road Atlanta when Joon was fighting to get into the top 4 (lets not forget 1: Joon was AMAZING in Road Atlanta, 2: The RX8 finished the weekend sitting next to the start line with oil pouring out of it.)

    I feel bad for Joon that his talent is bought into question because of an unreliable car…

  25. Slider S15 says:

    Just to add some fuel to the fire, Technica motorsports today issued a statement that they had parted ways with Chealsea Denofa…