Quick Minute with Tyler McQuarrie [INTERVIEW]

Posted on Jul 2, 2012 In Formula D Tyler McQuarrie

A quick note is that we actually conducted this quick interview with Tyler McQuarrie before the Wall Stadium event this past weekend at Formula Drift. This was just a little introduction planned with him and the new team partnerships. Luckily I do have a statement from him and Chelsea DeNofa upcoming in an article related to the tandem accident coming up later.

Wrecked Magazine: You have been with Mobil 1 longer than this season since they backed Falken with the 350z. What have you grown to love about the product?
Tyler McQuarrie: I’ve always known that Mobil 1 made a quality product, but ever since I started working with them in 2009 I have not had a single engine malfunction since then. It says a lot about the product to have a stat like that because we push our motors in Formula D very hard

WM: What does it feel like to have a company with such motorsports pedigree being your title sponsor? They even sponsor McLaren in Formula 1 which I know is a team your fond of.
TMac: Mobil 1 is an iconic brand in motorsports and has supported some of the best teams and drivers in the world. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of the Mobil 1 family, and it’s pretty awesome seeing Mobil 1 on the side of Mclaren, Stewart Haas, ALMS C6R, just like it is on my Formula D Chevrolet Camaro.

WM: Out of all your motorsports jobs which is the one that you have the most fun in?
TMac: I get asked that a lot and it’s hard to answer…. I love racing and drifting but I have more fun when I’m winning! So I guess it changes from event to event.

WM: What is the Chevrolet Camaro like compared to your 350z?
TMac: The cars are much different on many levels. The Camaro has a longer wheel base , which makes it much more stable. The Camaro also has SO. Much more steering angle than the Z. Those two aspects make it so much more fun to drive and easier to compete in. The Z was fast but very difficult to find its sweet spot, which makes it tough in Formula D.

WM: Any special plans for the rest of 2012?
TMac: As of right now my plan is to compete in Formula D and Grand Am for 2012. Always looking for other stuff to do though… If it has four wheel, I’ll drive it!


  1. YOitzJDM says:

    what happened to that engine failure in Florida? Did they forget about that?

  2. Powahh says:

    ^^^^^ I was about to ask the same thing

  3. Mike says:

    The failure in Florida was a crack in the cylinder head, under the stud for the rocker arm shaft mount. Allowing oil to enter the intake runner. That motor had one full season on it plus testing. Upon tear down and inspection our motor builder contacted us to ask if this motor had been run. The bearings and cylinder walls still looked brand new. And I accredit that to Mobil1