Tyler McQuarrie vs. Chelsea DeNofa – Best Wreck View [VIDEO]

While the Livestream and some other people have caught some glimpses of the wreck or a super far away angle with the help of Brian Chin we scored this footage above. A fixed camera angle on the bank shows Tyler McQuarrie crash into the bank and Chelsea DeNofa immediately lock up the tires and work to avoid Tyler McQuarrie in the GoPro / Mobil 1 Chevrolet Camaro but slid up into the wall and then slammed into Tyler McQuarrie. Sadly Chelsea DeNofa took the brunt of the force in his E36 BMW and we are pretty sure it is totaled out.


  1. OMG says:

    From this angle it looks like Tylers fault. If you stop the video at 0:12 you see Tyler bouncing off the wall and smoke from Chelsea s front tire, because he tries to slow down, which messes his line and leads to the crash.

  2. SLR says:

    Chels’ car has more grip when on the throttle, it’s one of the reasons he can follow so well, and a big advantage the E36 has.

    You can see he gave Tyler some room on the entry so he wouldn’t get choked up behind him. His car can close a 3-car gap in 1 turn just because it has so much grip when ON throttle.

    He see’s Tyler headed into the wall, HE LIFTS brakes and that’s when the rear end completely goes out and he goes up the wall.

    That instant weight transfer to the front actually pulled him into the crash. He nearly could have slid under the whole incident if he hadn’t braked

    What’s driving me nuts is the judges claim that “he was going into the wall anyway”. Not true, they just don’t understand how that chassis works.

  3. Did Blaze1 decide this is the ‘Best wreck view’?

    If not, you better get his approval.

  4. Doozer says:

    on car video from denofa:


  5. Bret says:

    FD needs to invest in some better judges.

  6. Kevin P says:

    ^ FD dont care. GoPro/ Mobil1 Pay way too much for them to ever get disqualified. I Hate FD for the Saito vs Conrad call. Just goes to show FD is entertainment…. not a motorsport….

  7. bigmac says:

    i agree. chelsea should have gotten to move on and the daigo conrad thing i thought 4 wheels off course was automatic zero? don’t know what the judges were watching but it must have been something different from what i was watching.

  8. Kevin P says:

    ^They were watching their Twitter accounts LOL