Darren McNamara Shows off his Silvia S15 [SNAPSHOT]

Posted on Jun 21, 2012 In Darren McNamara Formula D Spy Shots

The old S15 Silvia which is being cared after by SPD is the new ride starting this weekend of Darren McNamara. After totaling the Saturn Sky and having issues with the LHD Nissan 350z he has moved on to a new pit crew/mechanic/team within Falken Tire and a new RHD ride.

The car was last fielded by another Irishmen in the way of James Deane a few years ago. Since then the car has had the SR20 pulled out of it and a V8 placed inside along with some other product refreshes. The car features KW Suspension and Mobil 1 motor oil as two partners listed on the car. Darren does lose his HRE wheels in the transfer to SPD along with some other products that are exclusive to the ASD camp within Falken. What do you think of the switch and can Darren step on the podium this weekend?


  1. Blaze1 says:

    If there was no beef between ASD and D-Mac this move at THIS time makes little sense.

    The car was in California why didn’t they just wait to debut it at a west coast track instead of spending all that money preparing it and shipping it out the NJ (the furthest commute in the series).

    I’m gonna be for real, I like D-Mac but if he cant bring back his old magic in this machine I think Falken should start looking somewhere else. I think they could get better results at a cheaper price tag. He lives in Ireland so when you put him on a plane to the US your already over $1000 in the hole before a single lap is taken.

  2. hollywood says:

    should have just left the s15 alone. and left james dean in it, kid made results in it that no one els was able to do.. d mac is all brotary washed up !

  3. Mattie says:

    Fuck u Hollywood he is far from washed up watch him this weekend be back on form smack jus had bad run of luck after sky got wrecked he has always been 1 of top drivers in fd talk sense man or say nothin this a drift forum not a nothin forum u dick

  4. Jelani says:


  5. Tramain says:

    Why can’t hollywood have an a opinion about him?

  6. Blaze1 says:

    D-mac drove this car in 09 at Vegas (kicking Calvin Wan out) and failed to qualify Top 32.

    Folks forget these kinds of things.

  7. irish25256 says:

    Came 4th last year had chance to win championship at last round ,has a bad crash writes off car and has to adapt to new car and lhd = washed up ??

  8. jDub says:

    Mattie and Jelani just need to find a corner to hide in and lick each others cooches while riding D-macs sack. The kid has got a bad attitude and hasn’t produced worthy results in a while. JR and Dai are the only ones that don’t whine on that team.

  9. Chunky Munky says:

    I don’t understand this move at all. D-Mac didn’t do too bad in the Z the last 2 rounds considering he was thrown into the LHD car after driving RHD all his life. Give him a break people. He’s an extremely talented driver who has the capability to throw down whenever he gets on track. You people need to calm yourselves

  10. DUBteez says:

    I think the move back to rhd and perhaps a better work environment could be just what dmac needs. As for washed up I guarantee you that nobody lines up next to dmac and considers that battle won.

  11. Slider S15 says:

    I don’t see how you can call a man who was in the hunt for the title right until the last round last season.

    Being back in a RHD car should bring Dmac back into form, but maybe not this round, this is a daunting track to debut a car.

    Plus given the weather forcast for qualifying being Irish could be an advantage as he’ll be much more used to drifting in the rain.

  12. Mattie says:

    Chunky , slider , dubteez 100% right boys as for jdub u know jack shit mate bad attitude where did ya get that shit from ! Dmac earned his place in fd. This been his worst year down to bad luck wrecking the sky watch him bounce back Ireland for the win stick to been a gimp jdub suits ya better

  13. I wouldn’t expect to see DMac throwing out the #washedup or #hasbeen at the end of anything on Facebook anytime soon.

  14. Umai Kakudo says:

    DMac should destroy now that he has a longer wheelbase and RHD.

    It was painfully obvious that his aggressive style didn’t have much operating window in the short wheelbase Sky. In the epic TFoust battle days he would either pull it off or spin fantastically. The Sky had little margin for error.

    An extra 4″ of wheelbase should put him back in the game!

  15. PdDan says:

    Blaze you should realise that was a toooootallydifferent car… Thing was wrecked and undriveable bak then… Car should be bang on now doe…

    As for attitude hes a winner whats wrong with that??

  16. Mattie says:

    Well said pd Dan couldn’t agree more dmac for the win !!

  17. Mattie says:

    Well said pd Dan couldn’t agree more dmac for the win !!

  18. PICO says:

    why the move from ASD>SPD maybe he wants some SPD magic as they won the championship?

    The move from the 350>S15 makes alot of sense that car should suit him down to the ground

    Saying that James Deane should of been kept in this S15 one of the biggest talents not to be in FD!! Kid deserves a drive more then anyone!

  19. Terry says:

    LOL…. SPD is a quality operation, a small tight knit family. Hope they can help Darren get back up on top. But I do get tired of all the Irish dudes who jock Irish drivers like they were super men and shit. Save that nationalism bullshit for hairdresser ball… er …. golden globe ball… er I mean fucking SOCCER.

  20. hero8six says:

    Mattie are you speaking english? Someone please translate.