According to the Weather Report – You WANT to watch Formula Drift Qualifying Tomorrow

Posted on Jun 21, 2012 In Eric O'Sullivan Formula D Major Announcements

A ton of rain is heading straight for New Jersey and according to the weather report we pulled from the rain is coming right before qualifying kicks off tomorrow. Just before qualifying the odds of rain for the day jump from 20% to 50%! Hopefully the rain isn’t heavy for frequent enough to flood out the track like in 2009 (see Eric O’Sullivan above).

So keep your eyes peeled but if the rain hits when they are reporting I think we will see some cars in the fence and some championship runners miss qualifying altogether resulting in one huge shake up of the championship and two hours of entertainment on your computer, iPad, laptop or random device you use to tune in this weekend.



  1. Wegs says:

    Every year and I mean EVERY YEAR! There’s rain during qualifying at Wall and sunshine for the event. Then after the event it rains again. This has been happening for years and I’m still unsure of how this phenomenon occurs. Hopefully as usual the event will be spared but I’ll bring my umbrella in case.

  2. Yo says:

    If they cancel it or w/e, they’re all fucking pussys.

  3. jDub says:

    ^^ exactly ^^ I vote if it does rain the japanese drivers will have an edge considering it rains there a shit ton.

  4. yann says:

    @Wegs I noticed that too last four years that I have been going. I hope its just enough to cool things down early morning.

  5. SteveO says:

    I should be watching anyways, maybe I won’t fall asleep like I have in the past, life’s tough.

  6. guest says:

    LOL Probability of Precipitation (PoP) doesnt mean theres 50% chance its GOING to rain. Its a measurement which is used to describe the probability of area thats going to receive rain. Dont get all excited over your own misunderstandings guys.

  7. alvar says:

    Actually the rally drivers will have the experience…I.E. Rhys winning at Seattle back in like 08 when the track was rained out. The great 8 was filled with eirjwr rally drivers or those with a lot of experience in the wet.

  8. Kids Heart says:

    D1 and FD Asia rounds 1 were both rained out.

  9. Slider S15 says:

    The European drivers should also have an edge given how rubbish the weather is here most of the time!

  10. Some people say LS1’s ruin drifting.

    I say Wall Speedway ruins drifting.

    End Wall Speedway.

    Eat Bacon.

  11. rotarypower says:

    Hmm gonna be interesting