New Section of Wrecked Magazine Live Today – Find A Drift Event

Check out newest addition to the header above which has a new slot for “Find an Event” showing a complete calendar of events for 2012. We have over 20 drift series worldwide listed currently and are welcome to event submissions regardless of how big or small your drift event is.

Right now we are giving away some gifts from Slide America, Drift Alliance, and Drift Tengoku for people who are sending up a Facebook like (1 prize entry) and a Facebook share (5 prize entries) of our new page. We will close out this contest at the end of this week. No matter what we hope this calendar encourages drivers to show up to more events and fans to find their way from the Internet to a physical drift event by the end of this season.





  1. L.P. says:

    been waiting for someone to do this

  2. Rob F says:

    My complaint: colors need to equal regions.

  3. Haniryoku says:

    Thanks for uploading the Drift Muscle info I sent accross. If can see any more I’ll throw it accross to you guys.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Kids Heart says:

    Sucks that so many FD D1 rounds overlap.

  5. YOitzJDM says:

    FD announces their schedule in November, D1 announces their schedule in March. D1 could avoid the conflicts if they wanted to…

  6. Haniryoku says:


    Doesn’t work that way I’m afraid…

  7. ChrisRamirez says:

    A function to add links to videos associated with the events to refer to in the future would be sweet.